I Think I Found Myself A Male Cheerleader

When you think of sports, most people think of football, baseball, or soccer. A sport can be defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill, in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Recently, I decided to try out for Furman University's Cheerleading Squad and I made it! Most people don't consider cheerleading to be a sport and there is a big debate about whether or not cheerleading should be considered as such. Many stereotypes surround the world of cheer and many people believe that cheerleading is not a sport. However, I am here to argue that cheerleading is a sport and to debunk some of the stereotypes.

1. Cheerleading takes intense precision and synchronicity.

If one person is even slightly out of line, a pyramid could come tumbling down or tumbling passes could collide.

2. Not all cheerleading involves pom poms.

Competitive cheer doesn't actually have anything to do with pom poms.

3. Male cheerleaders take a lot of crap from non-cheerleaders.

You'll get called names and be made fun of, but who cares?

4. As a male cheerleader, you are stronger than the average human and you get to stunt with girls.

These guys are holding girls above their heads! How cool is that?

5. If you aren't loud before cheer, you learn how to be!

You have to be loud to be a great cheerleader!

6. Not many routines consist of spirit fingers.

Much to Sparky's dismay, spirit fingers are not a key component to many routines in cheer.

7. Flyers not only have to be flexible, but they must put full faith and trust in their bases.

If a flyer doesn't trust her bases, then the whole stunt can be thrown off and someone could get seriously injured.

8. Cheerleading takes a lot of physical skill and the ability to be able to do all of the flips.

Flipping is serious business and it is hard. You should try doing a twisting layout and sticking the landing.

9. Your dancing skills and rhythm just get better and better.

You may have been a mediocre dancer before, but once cheer gets a hold of you, you can go from dancing like Steve Urkle to running the world like Beyonce.

10. You gain incredible muscle.

From stunts to tumbling to weight lifting practices, your physical strength will increase from being a cheerleader.

11. Once you put on the uniform, you demand respect from your peers.

So, you don't get respect from everyone, but most people will/should respect you for all of the work that goes into cheer.

Whether you think so or not, cheerleading is a sport. If you don't agree, don't ever tell a cheerleader that what they do is not a sport. There will be serious hell to pay and you do not want to face the wrath of an angry cheerleader.

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