Finding Fireworks Alternative for People With PTSD and Animals

Has anyone else noticed that 4th of July in 2016 has caused more of a controversy about fireworks than any year previously?

When July starts approaching, people will notice more of signs like this one outside houses on front lawns:

You're probably thinking: But we're celebrating our country's birthday and veterans should do that as well!


But do we need to celebrate with fireworks the week before, after and an immense amount on the 4th?

What if we celebrated with fireworks only on the 4th, or even just the week of the 4th for events such as Red Hot & Boom, allowing veterans to prepare for only one night of fireworks instead of sporadically and randomly throughout the month while they're trying to sleep?

According to Excite/Travel, the town of Collecchio in Italy has switched to silent fireworks by the company "Setti fireworks." Their local government only allows silent fireworks to help the stress they cause animals.

Many of you might have noticed your dogs hiding under the couch all month unless they have been exposed to, or trained around fireworks.

Clearly, we can even keep fireworks all year-round if we just modify them.

Unexpected fireworks are frightening to both humans and our animals which should make this situation more urgent to be fixed. We do not have to ban the use of fireworks if we can find an alternative.

As for theme parks (and other places where people pay for admission with a firework show included), the circumstances are different: only trained dogs view the fireworks and people who know they can handle it with their conditions. Veterans, or anyone, with PTSD would not willingly sit through Disney fireworks if they were certain that they could not handle it.

So why should we put them through it in their own homes?

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