Why People Think Feminists Are Man Haters
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Why People Think Feminists Are Man Haters

Buzzfeed released a video. Surprise! It bashes men.

Why People Think Feminists Are Man Haters
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I think almost every feminist I've met has said, "Feminists are not man haters." That's fine. That's what it's supposed to mean. However, there's a reason people think feminists are man haters.

Buzzfeed did a video about women trying "manspreading" for a week. It was extremely embarrassing to watch.

This is a prime example of why people assume feminism is the same thing as misandry. Men spread their legs when they sit because they have a thing that women don't have -- that's right. I said it. Men and women aren't the same. That's a scientific fact. Men have balls. While there are exceptions, men are typically taller than women. Therefore, they have a purpose to sit a certain way.

"I kind of secretly hope to annoy some men." You want to annoy some men for sitting in a way that makes them most comfortable? If a man did this to a woman, he would be attacked for being a misogynist. Clue one that you're a misandrist.

"I just feel like a monster already. How can you do this every day without being conscious of it?" Because you're under six feet tall, honey, and you don't need to sit like that to be comfortable. That's why you're conscious of it and uncomfortable. You also don't have balls smashed between your thighs. As a 5'2 woman, I'd feel uncomfortable sliding halfway off my seat, too.

"I think whenever a woman takes up space, she's considered bossy; she's considered aggressive. There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding black women and whether or not we're angry or dominant.." Stop right there. Stop. The reason you're seen differently than men when you take up room is because you're taking up more space than you need. When men spread their legs, they aren't just doing it to be obnoxious. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Boys and girls are different.

I'm not just saying this based on your verbal claims, either. In the video, you are very obviously displaying yourself taking up way more room than you physically need. That's why people think you're being obnoxious.

"I just got my nails done and I manspread during my entire manicure. And nobody really seemed to notice. I'm not sure if it was because it was all women and we were just all kind of in our own world or what but it was kind of awesome." Yes, you're right. You were all in your own world, relaxing and getting your nails done. You know what else? I highly doubt that while you were sitting, getting a manicure, people were actually being mindful of your legs underneath a table. Nobody could probably even see what you were doing.

"What is it between their legs that's so important that it required two to three seats..." Wait. Two to three seats? Come on.

That is not two to three seats each. Not even close. Even if it is, those seats must be too small because you can see that these men are not trying to be obnoxious. Their bags are in their laps and their feet are together. The only thing different about the way they are sitting is that their thighs aren't being clenched together. This is way different than how you were sitting in your example -- which was just obnoxious.

Also, to answer your question. Balls. Balls are what is between their legs. Balls that you don't have. If we women tell men that they can't understand our pain because they don't have boobs and periods, then who are we to tell them how they should feel about their junk. How do you know how much room they need to sit comfortably? You don't. You don't have testicles.

"I saw a guy who was taking up two seats. When I sat down, I spread my legs out, which kind of pushed his leg into his own seat, and he turned to me and gave me a dirty look and said, 'Seriously?'" Yeah, "seriously." You were spreading your legs for no other reason but to be manipulative. That's why he said that. He knew you were just looking to find offense in something only so you could ridicule him, which comes straight back to my point of being obnoxious for no reason.

"They were all desperate for a seat and I was taking up three seats and they all started talking about personal space. All their eyes were just on me. And they were mostly women." Yes, because you were taking up an unnecessary amount of space. They probably were thinking that you were the rudest woman ever. It isn't rocket science.

"To be forced to manspread really showed me how up your own ass you have to be as a person to not be conscious of those around you." Really? Because you just showed me how up your own ass you are to not be conscious of the opposite sex.

The reason people think feminism is misandry is because of this stuff. When feminism strays from its focus on gender equity and turns into gender oblivion, that's when it becomes man bashing. Boys and girls are different, and that's not an issue.

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