Ladies, You Can't Make 'Kill All Men' TikToks And Fight For Women's Rights At The Same Time
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Ladies, You Can't Make 'Kill All Men' TikToks And Fight For Women's Rights At The Same Time

You can be a powerful woman and not hate men.

Ladies, You Can't Make 'Kill All Men' TikToks And Fight For Women's Rights At The Same Time

For quite some time, TikTok has grown to be a place where content creators are free to express their views on all topics, political or not. TikTok is also known for its "For You" page that is generated based on the types of content you interact with. So, if you like and comment on videos of puppies, you're gonna see a whole lot of puppy videos. This works the same way with politics. If you interact with Democratic content and creators, those are the type of pages that will be generated for you, hence the name "For You" page.

Now, some people on the app have taken a hard turn when it comes to content labeled with the hashtag "feminist" in the caption of their videos.

There is an audio that is being used in videos that started off as a joke, but it has sprouted into something much larger. The audio is a loop of a female's voice in a song saying "kill all men" on repeat. The sound is being used for women to be able to express their past negative experiences with men and for other women to show support. Creators on the app now use the sound as a symbol of female empowerment.

I, however, feel the joke has gone too far, and there's a word for this type of behavior:Hypocrisy.

This is misandry. Misandry is the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men. Now, let me preface. I do call myself a feminist. I do believe that men and women should be treated as equals. I also believe the glass ceiling is not yet completely shattered.

However, I also believe in equal responsibility.

Women have been objectified and put second for decades. The progressive movement has pushed us forward, but there is still room to grow. If we want equal rights and to be treated on the same level as men, why should they take us seriously when we give out backlash back in their faces? We are being hypocrites if we allow ourselves to degrade and slander men, and then turn around and preach on how we should support all women.

Let me explain myself with some examples I have seen across TikTok, as well as other social media platforms.

1. Calling men "wallets"

This all started because someone pointed out that women were being objectified throughout history and, sometimes, even still today. The response to being objectified was turning around and doing it back to men.

If we want to be equal, why would we stoop to their level and call them these things right back? By calling them these names, we are giving them the power of hurting us. You are blatantly telling them that what they said bothered you so you're going to do it back and see how they feel. NO. Doing these types of things is completely stooping to their level and proving their point. When you see a nasty comment on social media, don't give them thousands of likes and comments. You are giving them a platform in doing this. Report the content, leave a supportive comment, and move on. We should not give two cents on what the next person has to say, let alone a misogynist behind a phone screen.

The goal should not be revenge. We should not drop to the level of angry and bitter misogynists.

2. Calling men names when they openly express their emotions to you

I feel like this one should be self-explanatory. If anyone, regardless of gender, expresses their emotions to you, it means they feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in that situation. If it was a woman expressing her emotions, would you feel comfortable? If you said yes, there should be no problem when a man does it.

Men have been stereotyped as cold and hard for decades, just as women have been labeled weak, over-emotional, and sensitive. When women break the stereotype, they're strong and passionate. When men break the stereotype, they're weak and "not man enough" for you.

3. Romanticizing toxic behavior and then getting upset when they're toxic

Let me preface: NOBODY deserves to be treated badly. Nobody deserves any type of abuse.

I have seen so many powerful women on apps openly explain how they like their men to be "disrespectful." This is not cute or funny and should really not be romanticized. This is how women get hurt. When women get hurt, they in turn believe that the love interest in their lives is going to hurt them like their past love interest did.

It is one thing to be hurt and have trauma and attempt to deal with it in unhealthy ways. However, when that happens, you should want to fix it. This is where self-sabotaging comes into play.

Numerous women on the app explain how they prefer their men to be talking down to them and tell them what to do. Now, let's not get that confused with doing what you want to do in your "private life," you know what I mean? That is a whole different ball game with boundaries you should discuss with your partner. I'm talking about in public, day-to-day conversations. Women have expressed how they believe a man who puts a woman in her place and tells her what to do is a "real man." At the same time, you want to be able to be taken seriously when you fight for equal rights for women?



You know better.

If your end goal is to put women on a pedestal way over men, you are not a feminist.

I know that some people are going to read this and think "This is all a joke that was taken way too far." But sexist jokes towards women aren't funny, so why are sexist jokes towards men funny?

We should be wanting to bring other people up with us, not tear everyone else down on our way up. This practice is not feminism, it is called being a far-left version of feminism where people will label you as a "feminazi." It has to be stopped if we ever plan to become equals.

I believe in equal rights, equal opportunity, and equal responsibility.

I believe all those that identify as women are strong and passionate.

I believe men can be vulnerable and still strong.

I am a feminist.

I do not hate men.

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