What Type Of Person You Are, Based On Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

What Type Of Person You Are, Based On Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Your choice reveals more about you than you realize.

I've worked in an ice cream shop for two years now, and across my scooping adventures I have come to realize that peoples' ice cream choices tend to say a lot about who they are. I mean, I've actually developed a knack for predicting what people are going to order (I can spot a chocolate peanut butter order from a mile away). And so, I've compiled a list of what your ice cream choice says about your personality. If I'm accurate: what can I say, I'm an ice cream connoisseur. If I'm wrong: it's ice cream, it's not that deep.


You're America's sweetheart. You're friendly, optimistic, and take every opportunity that life presents to you. You're energetic but love winding down with a walk or a good movie. You always put others before yourself, sometimes to a fault, but you just love making people happy.


You're basically a dog in human form: loyal, happy, carefree, playful, and affectionate. You don't take life too seriously and if you get knocked down, you're never down for long. You're an extrovert and you're always looking for little ways to surprise the people you love.


You're reserved and laid back. You prefer to observe rather than engage, but you enjoy deep conversations. You don't let people in easily or too quickly, but you a have a small circle of people you trust wholeheartedly and can be honest with. You probably suffer from Resting Bitch Face and it steers people away from you, but you're actually super chill and open-minded.


You like the simple things in life. You aren't boring, you just find extravagance unnecessary. You don't need much to be happy. You enjoy the safety of vanilla, but you also admire its potential. Wanna dress it up with rainbow sprinkles? Chocolate sprinkles? Hot fudge? M&Ms? The world is your oyster when you've got a good foundation and a strong head on your shoulders, as vanilla-lovers do.

Mint Chocolate Chip

You're a selective introvert with unexpected wit. You're mysterious and don't always come off as approachable, but once people get to know you they'll be rolling on the floor laughing at the stuff that comes out of your mouth. You choose friends carefully so you can stay away from drama and heartbreak, and you keep your cards close to your chest until you know who you can trust.

Cookies 'n Cream

You're the life of the party. You're always up for a good time and your friends know it. You want to live in the moment and spread good vibes wherever you go. You never take a night off and are always ready to get your party pants on.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

You're a people person. You're always making plans and love being around good company. You're outgoing and maybe a little too loud, but your friends love you anyway. You've got a good sense of humor and can make conversation with just about anyone, even a tree.


You're intellectual and curious. You love absorbing new information and learning about how things and people work. You like being outside with the sun shining and birds chirping, but enjoy quiet nights in reading with a glass of wine.

Rum Raisin

You're from Britain, you're 70, or you hate yourself too much to get a decent ice cream flavor.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

You're just here to have a good time. You're a chill, relaxed, go-with-the-flow kind of person who just wants everyone to calm the fuck down about everything and be happy.

Cotton Candy

You're a troublemaker. Your idol has been Dash from "The Incredibles" ever since you saw him use his superpower to sneak a thumbtack on his teacher's seat. You can't resist the opportunity for a prank, but you do have a good heart and at the end of the day all you really want to do is give your friends a laugh.

Butter Pecan

You're an old soul. You don't like crowds or being around little kids, and your dream vacation is a tropical getaway with no one under the age of 28 around. You prefer staying inside with a good book and your cat by your side or working in your garden.

Rocky Road

You're an adventurer. You love camping, hiking, and going on road trips (or should I say...rocky

road trips...*ba dum tsss*). You keep to yourself, but you love those random conversations you make with strangers like the person sitting next to you on a flight. You're quiet, but you think big and deeply.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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With the great debate between which burrito place is the best, here are 10 reasons why Moe's is clearly the better option than Chipotle. *Side note, I do like Chipotle, but Moe's will always be No. 1 in my heart.


You don't get this kind of hospitality from Chipotle.

2. Their menu is much larger.

Moe's offers burritos, quesadillas, nachos, burrito bowls, tacos, salads, and they all have cool names! Chipotle just has burritos, bowls, tacos, and salads. BORING.

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Queso is bae. That is all.

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We don't pay extra here.

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I'm not even gonna get into the whole Chipotle situation...

10. Overall, Moe's just tastes better than Chipotle.

Sorry 'bout it.

Cover Image Credit: http://theconcourse.deadspin.com

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7 Things Every Commuter College Student Needs

Trust me, this will make your life so much easier.


The commuting struggle is real. But throughout my last two weeks commuting on the bus, I have compiled a list of items that will surely make your commute to and from school a hundred times easier.

1. A portage charger 


My phone has died almost every single day. My gaps are so short that I have to choose between eating lunch or finding an outlet so I decided to buy a portable charger, it's sooo worth it !!!

2. A sweater 



Make sure to layer in order to be comfortable throughout the day. And always carry an extra sweater because there are some classrooms that have no mercy and literally feel like a fridge.

3. A tote bag 


Girl, I know. You are already carrying a backpack so why would I add a tote bag? But hear me out. You have to carry your lunch or your extra sweater or your computer and phone charger somewhere. This makes it easier to keep this stuff separated from your notebooks, laptop, etc. Plus if you get a cute tote bag it'll make your outfit perfect!

4. Hydroflask 

Ok, it doesn't need to be a hydroflask but I feel like these water bottles are literally indestructible. Last year I dropped mine from the top of my bunk bed and it only got the smallest dent. It also keeps your water at the same temperature the whole day. No joke, I put ice cold water on my hydro flask one morning and came back to my dorm at 10 pm and it was still freezing cold.

5. A pair of good headphones


This is another thing learned from my experience. I'm very used to working in noisy environments because I just plug in my earphones and drown out the world. Noise-canceling earphones work best. And trust me a good pair of earphones go a long way because they're going to provide you with entertainment during your downtime.

6. Comfortable shoes 


To be quite honest with you, I feel like I walk less now than when I lived on campus (shoutout to the UCLA hills). My bus drops me off on campus daily and I stay there for all of my class. Nonetheless, a pair of good shoes is definitely necessary. You are going to be out on campus for many hours and you want to make sure to be comfortable. My go to's are my pair of slip on vans.

7. A reliable weather app


This is one I'm still struggling with. In the morning I heck the iPhone weather app but it has failed me multiple times. And honestly this is the key to having a good day, well at least for me. I want to dress accordingly to the weather but when it keeps failing me I end up being a sweaty mess because I came dressed ready for winter.

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