0.5 Points Per Game

6.0 Rebounds Per Game

0.4 Blocks Per Game

Those are the current season stats for one Zaza Pachulia and he was about to start for the West in the NBA All-Star Game. The All-Star game is supposed to be an honor for those who make it and a stamp for how great someone was during their NBA Career. If Zaza made it he would be stealing the honor who deserves it much more. That is why the NBA needs to get rid of Fan Voting all-together.

I know what you are saying "but Zaza didn't make it anyways so who cares" or you are saying "I want to choose what players I watch the dunk fest we call an All-Star game", however, it simply isn't fair to those who actually deserve it. The fact is that the number of all-star games one player has been in is a factor if they will make the hall of fame or not. If fan favorites players like Zaza are even potentially ruining a good but not great players chances of making the hall of fame then the fans shouldn't have a say for all-stars. Now the NBA has done it's best to still let the fans have their say but not let them ruin someone's career. Now the fans only have about a 40% say on the starters of the All-Star game , but now new problems arrive.

Recently the starters for this year's game was announced and it is, even more, proof of why fan voting needs to go.

Every single player in the photo above is worthy of an All-Star nod, however, I have an issue with the one and only.... Stephen Curry!

Now before you get mad at me saying the Curry shouldn't start for the west I want you to hear me out. Curry is no doubt an All-Star but he shouldn't be starting. It's nothing that Curry did but It's what Russell Westbrook is currently doing. The MVP race right now is between Harden and Westbrook but it makes no sense how the fan fighting for MVP isn't starting in the All-star game. He is averaging a triple double something down only be the legendary Big O, Oscar Robertson. Curry beat Russell only in fan vote but lost in votes by other NBA players and the media. Curry is only starting because he is way better known than Westbrook. The fans screwed one of the likely MVP candidates just because they retweeted about Steph Curry more. Fan voting has to go so no more Westbrooks are snubbed of a starting spot in this fun game.