10 Traditions That Make My Family, Family
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10 Traditions That Make My Family, Family

Growing up would have been different if it weren't for these traditions.

10 Traditions That Make My Family, Family
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Everybody has those family things that are just apart of the fabric of their family. These might be traditions during the holiday season, a food dish, or a sport that a majority of the members of the family play. Whatever it is, it is important to your family, and that makes it important to you. So here are a list of 10 things that I and my family find important.

1. Crawfish

Whether it is in an étouffée or in a gumbo or just boiled, crawfish is fantastic, and any chance we can my family will try to enjoy these tasty crustaceans (except for my dad, who does not like them boiled).

2. Random board game nights

So we have I don't know how many board games: the Game of Things, Monopoly, Apples to Apples, etc. But, we aren't one of those game-night-every-week kind of families, it's more of a random, once every month (maybe) type thing. But, you can bet that when we do play, we have a hilarious time!

3. Come and give me a hug!

My family does hugs and kisses - kind of like Italians. But, we are not Italian (even though my dad looks Italian)...not that that would be a bad thing.

4. "Hey! Come here Jeremy, Kourtney, Lindsey, LEXEY! Whoever you are!

Having four kids obviously does something to the brain. Whenever you were needed, nine times out of ten your name was not the name called. Add in three grandchildren and a dog and it does't get any easier!

5. We are "that family" in the restaurant

We can't help it, we are loud, there's a lot of us!

6. Alabama football

Roll Tide! That's all that need be said.

7. Birthdays

We may not go big for birthdays, but we do love to celebrate them, no matter how old you are!

8. Basketball

My mom, my aunts, my cousins, and one of my sisters played, and both my dad and brother coached and played (that's my brother in the picture, back in his high school days!). I, sadly, did not get the basketball gene, but I do love to watch it, especially when it is connected to my family somehow! Go Cougars!

9. Christmas Eve service

For as far back as I can remember, my family has gone to the Christmas Eve service at our church. It is something we all love to do, and the candlelight part is my personal favorite moment of the entire program.

10. The Pile Up

In some families, your parents bedroom is like a no fly zone; in my family that is not the case. Whenever I, or any of my siblings, or, for that matter all my siblings at the same time, need to talk to my parents it probably will end up taking place in my parent's room with us all fighting for spots on their bed. It might be a little quirky but I am glad we have those times!

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