It's Easy To Fall In Love With Moments

If you look back on some of the happiest times of your life, you can probably remember a perfect moment, a point in time when you were so content. If you close your eyes and put yourself back in that moment you can probably see the golden sunlight illuminating the beach, hear the calm, quiet music playing in the restaurant next door, maybe even smell the food cooking in the kitchen.

Or maybe, just for a second, you can feel the way you felt sitting there, taking in everything around you.

I have a few of these moments. Points in time that I will never forget and most certainly will never get over. It's almost indescribable to explain the moment you fell in love with, sometimes it's too much of a feeling for words to do it justice.

What I can say is that at that moment, everything negative in your life miraculously disappears. A weight is lifted off your shoulders and you are at complete peace with yourself. You've fallen in love with being alive and you're so happy to have the privilege to walk on this incredible planet.

Sometimes, it's the people we're with or the ones we meet along the way who cause you to fall in love with a moment. There are many kinds of love that we can feel. We are wired to crave human connection, and when you meet the right people, it becomes the perfect storm for a perfect moment.

My favorite moment was the day my boyfriend and I had traveled for hours to get to this island off the coast of Thailand. We finally arrived right as the sun was setting.

Walking down to the beach, it was incredibly quiet. The only sounds came from the music in the restaurant and the subtle hum of the nature around us.

I remember sitting down in the sand just taking it all in, realizing how far I was from home and how magical of a place this was. I looked over at my boyfriend with my mouth wide open. For at least an hour, neither of us exchanged words because there were no words to describe how we were feeling.

With tears in my eyes, I finally let it out: "This place," my boyfriend nodded, and that's all there was to say.

It's easy to fall in love with moments, usually because we wish we could relive them just one more time.

Although we can't relive the exact same moment, we can live our lives in pursuit of more just like it. This is the number one reason why I love traveling- the more you travel, the more opportunities there are to experience unforgettable moments. Live every day searching for that moment, and let that be your goal in life.

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