In all honesty it baffles me.

It baffles me... the weakness, I mean softness that this world has come to.

I've heard nothing but negativity since Wednesday morning and it honestly is ticking me off.

Here is a short recap of my week...

"If you voted for Trump, you voted for my death."

"If you voted for Trump, make sure to explain to your gay, trans, female, black, Latina/o, and Muslim friends why they don't matter to you."

"He's not my President."

"You disgust me."

"I refuse to accept it."

"I'm moving to Canada."

Also a few of my favorite moments recapped...

College Campuses CANCELED classes to offer counseling services to students who were grieving.

Some college campuses made exams optional. If students felt sad or whiny they could take the exam another day, or just not at all.

(my favorite) RIOTS, or as they are refered to by media, "peaceful protests," have been breaking out. These "peaceful protests" that happen to block traffic, disrupt peace, beat up Trump supporters, destroy public property, and countless other "peaceful" things.

Now this isn't even a new issue ether, which is the funny part. Half of me wants to start chanting "Not My Generation" because I don't want to be affiliated with a bunch of crybabies that quit when it gets hard.

You quit going somewhere because you were confronted about something.

You threw a fit because your choice of president wasn't elected.

You refuse to eat your sandwich if it isn't made exactly right.

You fall over and you sit there to see who is going to help you or mourn over your little scrape on your knee.

Honestly, it is ridiculous!

"There are two types of people in this world. Those who make a way. And those who make an excuse." - Grandpa K.

What happened to this mentality?

Since when did softness become an option so readily available to the crybabies?

One day my mom made my sandwich with ham instead of bologna and she put regular mayo on it instead of light mayo. You know what I did? I stomped into the office and demanded they call my mother and make me a new sandwich and bring me a new one. I told her that, while I understand that I wanted this sandwich yesterday, I don't want it today and while she is making me the right sandwich, I will be waiting in the counselor's office crying in my safe space.

Another time, I wanted to be a varsity captain but instead someone else got to be captain. So, you know what I did? I told the coach that he has no idea what he is doing coaching basketball if he made the other guy captain over me. I DESERVE TO BE CAPTAIN.

This last one gets me the most, hopefully you can bear with me in this one.

This one time, I, (insert sniffle) I was bowling and I rolled the ball down the lane. I only hit one... ONE pin. So what did I do? Well first, I threw a fit. I expected for my results to be better than the way that I decided to throw my vote... I mean ball. Next, I looked at all my friends who threw the ball the same way and got the same results. Instantly we came up with reasons why our system was broken. It was rigged. I expected a strike. I deserve to hit all of the pins. I expected for the results to be the same as the guy who threw his ball a different way. It isn't fair that HE got a strike and I only got one pin. I made signs that said not my one president... I mean pin. I told the manager that if he didn't make my score the same as the guy that got the strike, that i was going to riot. I understand that going into my game that if I hit one pin, then my score will be represented with a one. I also understand going into the game that, if I hit all of the pins, then my score will be represented with a much better score than one. But that isn't fair.

After some consideration from the erratic behavior of mine, the manager decided that it would only be fair that the guy who got more pins than I did should share my score, or even better, I should get a better score.

Moral of all of these stories...

If you throw a big enough fit, if you cry enough, if you pout enough, if you let softness rule your life... than, man oh man, you sure will get your way.