An Unusual Way to Manage Anxiety
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An Unusual Way to Manage Anxiety

Play With These Toys Can Serve as a Remedy to Anxiety

An Unusual Way to Manage Anxiety

Lets face it, anxiety can take a hold of us in our daily lives. We might find our legs bouncing up and down when we are sitting through an important lecture or our hands scratching our arms, or the jitters when we are constantly shifting in our seats. Shaking, along with panic and uneasiness are all feelings of anxiety and while there are multiple other symptoms including chest pains, dizziness, and shortness of breath; these two symptoms seem to be the most common.

While science says that anxiety can be good for us and that it is your body's fight or flight response, it gets to a point where excessive shaking can be a problem. The problem is not the fact that you are shaking, but that you cannot control your shaking. While there are multiple ways that teach you how to curb your anxiety, the method that I am about to share is quite underrated because you don't really see this tip in many self-help websites. This tip is quite different because it does not require the use of drugs, mood stabilizers, exercise, or a change of diet. This tip requires the use of products whose goal is to relisseve stress and anxiety.

1. Stress Cube

This popular cube has received a lot of attention in the past year. Originally started as a crowd-funded project from Kickstarter, this cube has gained a lot of attention and has quickly become Kickstarter's 10th most crowdfunded product ever. Although there are knockoff products that have hit the shelves and are being sold on Amazon and other eCommerce sites, the official Fidget Cube that was conceived by Antsy Labs has not been released yet. With an expected release date scheduled soon, the knockoff products are a cheaper alternative compared to the official unreleased product made by Antsyy Labs which is expected to cost a moderate price of $25. This product is great for fidgeting and is a tool to take your anxiety out on

You can get an (unofficial) stress cube here.

2. Dammit Doll

More of a stress relief toy, these wacky dolls are perfect for releasing your anger and stress. The instructions that are sewn on its torso is pretty self explanatory: just whack it against the wall and yell, "DAMMIT." Pretty comical and they comes in a variety of colors. There's even one made of our current president, Donald Trump.

You can go to their website to purchase your own Dammit Doll.

3. Buckyballs

This magnet toy is pretty amazing when it comes to molding and shifting it tinto different shapes and sizes. Perfect for taking your mind off of daunting or stressful moments. Please keep out of reach from children for the small magnetic orbs are labelled as a choking hazard.

You can purchase them online here.

4. Begleri

This toy is quickly becoming a fad. People use these to swing around their hands and palms, which is quite entertaining and captivating. However, there tricks take a lot of practice. Begleri are Greek toys that are made when two heavy objects are tied at the ends of a short string.

You can find begleri from places such as Etsy and Amazon, but the more expensive ones are from this company AroundSquare and they are made from premium mateials.

5. Fidget Spinner

These toys are really cool and they are good to have on your desk. You can spin them around and literally bounce them from your finger to finger. People on YouTube have come up with amazing tricks that they preform. You can see them below.

The most common ones are tri-bladed spinners, but some spinners have two or even four blades.

Amazon has a large collection of these spinning toys.

I hope you can give your brain and your body the ways to release pent up anxiety using these toys that are listed. These are pretty amazing when it comes to handling your anxiety and it can also be used to pass the time.

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