We Don't Deserve To Be Punished For Not Getting Pregnant

Dear mother nature, I get extremely emotional and bloated for a week out of the month, and for what? Isn't the cycle of a woman supposed to be a beautiful and exciting time?

Yeah, no. Picture this, the week leading up to your period you get acne like you're a freshman in high school. The week of your period, you're cramping, sore boobs, bleeding, shaving every day of the week, bloating, and headaches.

For some people, they get off easy bypassing the whole terror by getting on specific medications that decrease these symptoms or make them vanish completely.

Unfortunately, not all of us get by that easy, and for some of us, it is even worse than just a little cramping and acne. My family is known for their extraordinarily difficult lady problems.

From ovarian cysts to breast cancer to hysterectomies at very young ages. This means that from the minute you get a period, your life is hell for the next five days.

I spend my week of hell wrapped up in bed, in a position that is only comfortable because it is soothing the painful stabs in my abdomen, I get so sick that I puke and sometimes have to call into work.

I am also anemic, so bleeding out of my vagina just adds to the blood cells that I am already low on. Meaning, that I get headaches easily if I don't eat, then there is a high possibility that I will pass out and most of the time that I am on my period nothing sounds soothing to the stomach.

Also, if we are talking about self-confidence, mine is extremely low this week. I am bloated so I already feel fatter than usual, but I am also craving a million different junk foods.

If you don't give in to your cravings, then props to you because my self-control is zero. So the whole week I pretty much eat ice cream and lie in bed all day. Not to mention that I am already hard to handle on my better days, now let's throw in all of these symptoms and see how I am then.

Your best bet is to just let me have my way, or stay away from me because I will say terrible things to you.

If I were to ever be pregnant, I don't think I would notice the difference from how bad my periods are. If anything I would probably be relieved that my symptoms aren't as bad as usual.

Now, let's fast-forward to after this week from hell. After we are done with these horrible things happening to our bodies, we glow. We glow like never before and we are in the best moods.

Give it a couple of weeks though and you'll be right back at the beginning of this vicious cycle. Boys, if you're reading this just know that you're lucky you don't have to go through any of this.

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