We live in a society where cheating has become pretty much normalized within relationships. Most of the time, younger or newer relationships form only to be diminished by one or the other cheating. Being unfaithful has become so mainstream that people are actually surprised when someone is loyal.

How sad is that?

I'm sure there ARE plenty of relationships out there that thrive on honesty and being loyal to one another, and I applaud those couples that are able to do this. A good relationship is all about timing and the right person.

I'm sure there are a lot of women out there who have been cheated on. If you have, what was your next step after finding out the bad news? Did you go after your man or "the other woman?"

More often than not, "the other woman" is the one that gets all of the blame. She becomes the one who initiated the sexual, romantic, or mental cheating that your man fell victim to. But is this always true?

Of course, it's not, and the blame should never be put on just one person. It takes two to tango. Cheating is not just one-sided, so why is the blame almost always fully put on the other woman?

Ladies, if your man cheats on you, you need to learn to accept what he did and hold him responsible.

Solely blaming the other woman is what's making cheating so normalized in the relationships we hold. I'm not saying that the other woman should be given no blame because, as I said, it takes two to tango. But not acknowledging the fact that your man wronged you can result in him doing it again in the future.

Your man should be putting you first. He should be making you his first priority and not even thinking within the vicinity of being unfaithful.

Cheating doesn't occur because someone else seduced your boyfriend. He let that happen, and he could've put an end to it, but he didn't.

Constantly blaming the other woman will break your relationship even more than it already has. I know you probably think that your boyfriend could do no wrong, and he may twist the story and tell you it was all "the other woman's" fault. Whatever the situation, your man cheated, and he needs to take responsibility for that.

That all starts with you.

Blaming another woman for the actions of your man isn't healthy for you or your relationship. We are all women worthy of love, loyalty, and a relationship that we can be proud of, so start making moves to get there.