Dear Mr. President,

You need to get out and travel more. If you did, you wouldn’t say that I live in a shithole country. You know how difficult you’ve made my job as a Peace Corps Volunteer. People constantly associate me with your actions and your hurtful words about the country and continent that they grew up in. I live in Uganda, so I can tell you first hand that this is one of the most beautiful countries that I have ever been to. IT IS NOT A SHITHOLE COUNTRY. I have also been to Rwanda, and I can tell you that it is incredible--filled with the most stunning views and amazing landscapes. NOT A SHITHOLE COUNTRY. The people who live in these two countries are kind, hardworking, dedicated, loving, and oh so welcoming. We would be lucky to have these people in America. I have been treated kinder and more like family in these two countries than I ever have been in America. I don’t understand how you can call these countries shithole countries when you have probably never been there and when America isn’t so perfect. Mr. President, I don’t think you have any right to call these countries shithole countries when you have probably never been there, and even if you have been there you still have no right to call them shithole countries.

Mr. President, you know that America was founded on immigration, that the founded fathers came here to escape. Then there was Ellis Island where people could enter our country for a better life and in order to live the American dream. It really bothers me that you are so against immigration when all these people are trying to do is create a better life for themselves and their families. You also don’t know how your words affect people who have fallen in love with people from other countries and are trying to bring them into America to live and build a life. It makes it harder for those people to want to come to this country because of the hate that you constantly spread about them. It truly isn’t fair, because they have not done anything to you or this country. Honestly, figure your shit out before you call these countries shithole countries, because at this point their countries are far better than America.

Mr. President please I am begging you stop making my job more difficult by the hate you spread about other countries. We Peace Corps Volunteers are trying our best to build communities and create families we can’t do that when people think our president hates them because sometimes they associate us with that hatred and they think that we also hate them, which is not true we love our host countries and think the world of the people that we have met.

Last thing Mr. President, do us all a favor and go visit these countries. See for yourself that they are indeed not shithole countries, that they are FAR FAR FAR better than you think. If you spend just one day in these countries you would see what you were missing and your life and your heart would change and I think you might even develop kindness toward others.

Now Mr. President, spread love not hate.