I hate you so much that there are no words in this world that can express how much I do. Actually, I lied because there is. Loathe. Cancer, I loathe you. Everything about your existence irks me and every time someone speaks of you the hair on my body stands up as if it is standing in a moment of time. You ruin everything you touch and bring pain to everyone around.

Dear Cancer, you are not a real person, but I hate you like you are the worse person. You have no emotions, yet you bring out so many in everyone you impact. All that you are comes from the abnormal growth of cells and the potential to spread all over the body to other organs. And although there are some types that are curable, a lot more are not. A lot of lives are taken by you yet you don't serve time like most murderers... because you cannot and it sucks.

It is like you chose your "victims" and study them. You study their bodies and you try to see how fast you can multiple their cells until they give in. Then, for months, you put them through utter Hell by weakening their bodies, having them hurdle through chemotherapy (if they take the treatment), giving them good days (which is appreciated) and bad days, and then finally, for some, you just take them completely. You wrap your hands around their bodies and squeeze as hard as you can until you can feel their last breath. You, my dear ugly piece of nature, are the worse non-human being thing out there.

Dear Cancer, I cannot fully blame you. I know you don't purposely hurt people and that you don't personally choose those you hurt....but you still do. You have taken more than I can count of my family members and every day I pray you do not take me. If you were a real person, I would bet that you would work at the IRS because you take as much as you can, leave them alone, then come back for more. You do not show mercy nor give any leniency. You are the second leading cause of death in the United States and take about fifteen hundred lives a day. Are you happy with your progress?

In Literature, some would call this article a piece of personification. But this is more than an article, it means more than just getting views and having people think that I have my life together for writing for Odyssey. This is about me and you. It is about me being able to express to you how much I despise you. Being able to put down in words just how much you have taken from me and with each person you take from this world, more light you take from me... so thank you.


The one who faces you more than asked.

P.S. - Since I am a Christian I am not allowed to hate anyone, so thankfully this was just an article because you are not a real person. And if I had not said it yet, Cancer, I hate you.