Cuffing Season, It's Near
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Ladies And Gentlemen Buckle Up, We Are Now Approaching The Terror Of 'Cuffing Season'

"Cuffing Szn" is near, kids.

Ladies And Gentlemen Buckle Up, We Are Now Approaching The Terror Of 'Cuffing Season'

As the days progress, the air becomes more crisp to the touch. The trees that were once green are beginning to turn vibrant hues of red and yellow, the ground filled with those colorful leaves. Summer is slowly saying its last goodbyes as September turns into October.

Only memories are left of those once warm days sleeping until noon and wasting the night away. Now, life is filled with the stress of piling assignments and late nights attempting to study. Those days sweep over our lives, and "cuffing season" slowly approaches.

Everyone may be wondering if the long description of fall equated to the approaching days of "cuffing season," and, in short, it does. Yes, I'm writing about "cuffing season," because it's a relevant topic in my depleting and stressful life. What is "cuffing season," you may ask?

Well, let me explain in a brief and concise description that both you and your parents will understand. "Cuffing Season" is that period between October through January when an individual attempts to find a "boo thang" to join them during fall/winter activities (as well as to keep them company during those cold winter days when life feels completely hopeless and dreadful).

Hopefully, I explained "cuffing season" well enough to get a grasp of what it really is. I should be focused on the assignments for my Political Science lecture, but "cuffing season" is the only thing on my mind. Is it so horrible that I want a boy to take cute pictures with while going to fun places and give me endless compliments?

If I give you a brief glimpse into my love life, it would look like an endless tunnel, with no way out--just dark and a bit depressing. In other words, my love life is non-existent and has never actually seemed to exist in the 20 years I've spent in this wonderful world.

Maybe it's because I have horrible luck with boys ever since I was young. In the past, every boy I've taken an interest in has either been in a relationship, didn't like me back or was just too out of my league. I've led myself to believe that I'm an actual boy repellent, which is why "cuffing season" is a great concept, but one that just doesn't exist for me.

While most of my friends are currently "cuffed" at the moment, making memories with their significant other, I, on the other hand, cannot relate. It's not like I don't enjoy my friends and spending time with them, but sometimes I want to have cool memories with someone I care for, too.

Yes, there are substantial issues in the country and world like our current president and livable incomes for middle-class citizens. Currently, in my life, "cuffing season" is a relevant topic whenever I open Twitter or hear another one of my friends talk about their relationship.

I know this sounds rudimental, but "cuffing season" please be good to me. I'm not looking for my future husband; I'm just really asking for someone to be there for me during the high-stress times of college and to laugh at my mediocre jokes. So, "cuffing season," don't forget about me this year.

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