The season for midterms and final preparation is in full swing and there is officially no better time to procrastinate. Whatever procrastination looks like for you, own it. If you're going to waste your time you might as well do something you enjoy during that time. It has been scientifically proven that our brains work more productively when given periodic breaks. Here are some of the most common college student approved ways to happily waste time.

1. Napping

Honestly, is this ever a bad choice? Why did we hate naps so much as kids? Most days, we'd pay good money for a mid-day nap.

2. "Study" with friends

It should be a crime to consider this "studying".

3. Netflix

It's still considered learning, just a different type of learning. You may be "learning" about the plot of FRIENDS, sounds equally important to me.

4. Try out a new recipe

What better time to cook something great? Your roommates will thank you.

5. Exercise

Eh, this works for some people. Nothing like endorphins to propel you through work.

6. Tell scary stories

What better way to get your heart beating than some creepy stories with friends?

7. Online Shopping

***Disclaimer: Incredibly dangerous and equally thrilling all at once.

8. Scroll mindlessly through social media

Should we care what all of these people are doing? NOPE. Do we anyways? Absolutely.

9. Work on other irrelevant work

Productively procrastinating is a real-life struggle. Work on an assignment due a month from now rather than the one due Monday, at least you're working.

10. Pick up a new hobby

Some of these may include but are not limited to; learning an instrument, obsessing over an Instagram account, hanging upside down, singing at the top of your lungs, humming theme songs and SO much more. The options are endless.

Regardless of what type of student you are, the balance between studying and mindless relaxation is an incredibly fine line. No matter which procrastination form you choose, make sure to balance your relaxation with your study habits.

Happy Procrastination!