Christmas Present Ideas for Everyone In Your Life
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Christmas Present Ideas for Everyone In Your Life

Here's a jumping off point for the person who you just don't know what to get.

Christmas Present Ideas for Everyone In Your Life
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Everyone has that one family member or friend who is a tough nut to crack for Christmas, or they already have everything! To help you get started I've made a suggestion for just that person to get the ideas flowing!

For Your Niece or Nephew

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If your niece or nephew 9 and up, a Fujifilm camera is the perfect gift. They're sure to want to photograph all their little treasures in life, and what's more fun than something they can hang on the wall or start a scrapbook with?

The cameras come in a bunch of fun colors and you can get them the classic polaroid film or even Disney themed frames! Help them photograph memories that will last a lifetime this Christmas.

For Your Sister

Sisters Necklace on Etsy

Whether your sister is still in elementary/grade school or out of college and starting a family, getting her a necklace that reminds her of your bond will make her feel appreciated.

She's the one you go to when you had an amazing date or a bad day at work, and this necklace from LaSenada on Etsy will show her how connected you are to her. This one is gorgeous and minimalistic as well, so she can wear it with any outfit.

For Your Brother

Mug on Etsy

Occasionally, brothers can be a little bit harder to shop for. You don't want to get them tools like you did last year, but hitting it too on the nose with another shirt about their favorite show may be a no go. Instead, get your brother a personalized mug to keep their morning coffee, tea, hot cocoa warm.

The mug (by ODYSEAstore) is simple, so no style tastes will be dissatisfied, plus they have their name on them so that one dude at work will stop using their mug. It's a win-win!

For Your Best Friend

Photo from Pinterest

You and your best friend have made so many memories together, and there are so many more to come! Why not give them a place to hang those precious photos up?

The macrame photo display is simple and can fit into any bedroom theme so that they can always keep you close.

For That Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Michelle Obama Pencils on Etsy

Whether you love or hate the Secret Santa gifts for work, you somehow got roped into doing it again, so why not make it fun this year!? These Michelle Obama pencils are the perfect quirky gift for your office mate.

They come in all the colors and have her best quotes on them for a pick me up throughout the long hours of the workday.

For Your Roommate

Butt Mug from

If you and your roommate are anything like me and my roommates, than you love spilling tea over a warm cup of coffee/cocoa on Saturday afternoons. This Kawaii Pastel Butt Mug is a fun and silly gift to get for them, and quite the conversation starter when you have new guests over! Everyone loves butts.

For Your Mom

Magnets on Etsy

If you don't live at home anymore, your mom may be missing seeing your smiling little face everyday - and she should be! You were the light of her life when you lived at home (hi mom, I can see you rolling your eyes). KitAtlas on Etsy makes these adorable and hilarious personalized magnets, and you should definitely be buying one for your mom. No more empty nest syndrome, and maybe she can yell at it instead of yelling at you ;)

For Your Dad

Personalized Wallet on Etsy

Here's the sitch, unless you've been thinking about the perfect gift to get your dad for months now you're probably going to end up getting him a last-minute wallet or some whiskey glasses.

So, why not make that item personalized? (I know, I'm hitting real heavy on the personalized gifts, but they're so fun). This way, if he loses it (and he probably will) it'll at least have a return name on it. This leather wallet from YoursPersonalized is a great place to start.

For Your Favorite Teacher

personal photo

This one has a few items you need to buy separately and put together for the end product. Let's start with a cute mug - here's an adorable one I found from fieldtrips on Etsy. Next, buy hot cocoa from Wal-Mart, Target, or wherever you do your grocery shopping.

My personal favorite option is to get a bunch of the single-serve Land O'Lake packets because they come in a bunch of different flavors!

For the last touch, buy them an ornament to add to their Christmas tree so they know their students are always thinking of and appreciating them. You can buy mugs and ornaments from local mom and pop stores as well as I did in the photo above!

Put the hot cocoa and ornament in the mug then wrap it all up with a pretty little bow!

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