Their love is the kind told in fairytales

The story that everyone looks forward to hearing

When she met him

When he met her

She was falling from grace

She was all over the place

He loved her spontaneity

Loved how crazy she was

She loved how he was always there

Loved how he felt like home

Cause she had nowhere else to go

She was broken, lost, and alone

It was crazy

Him and her

But they worked

They fit together

It didn't have to make sense

It wasn't about what others thought

Their love was special

It was untouchable

And yet, it was destined to fall apart

The relationship proved to be a challenge

It became more difficult to endure

He'd pulled away

She'd pulled back

The constant tug-of-war weighed him down

It became too much

That's when her chances started

She had one

One chance to make it right

One chance to fix everything she destroyed

One chance to proclaim her love

One chance to win him back

She blew it

She had two

Two chances to see him

Two chances to say sorry

Two chances to save him

She was too late

She had three

Three chances to get back on track

Three chances to refocus her motives

Three chances to forget it all

She took them

She wanted to forget

Why couldn't they see that

He was her ruin

Her pain

Her love

Yet, she would never speak his name in vain

But it was too hard

He kept giving her chances

She kept blowing them away

He was fed up; he'd had enough

But deep down she wanted him to stay

She had so many chances

Chances to make it right

Chances to get him to stay

If only she took those chances

Then he would be alive today

She knows he's in a better place

She's heard it all before

He was her rock

And one moment took that all away

And deep down she knew their love was no more

She still grieves

She still deals with the pain

But she knows he's up there looking after her

Making sure she's okay

Because without him

There would be no her today

Love is blind

Love is tragic

But people should know

Love is forgiving