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All The Steamy Celeb Dating Drama That Has Gone Down (So Far) In Summer 2018

No one likes a shady beach...but a shady b*tch or two this summer will do


In the words of one of the summer's most iconic queens, Julie Chen

It seems that every day a new tabloid or article is written claiming our fav celebrities and their significant others are up to no good. While it breaks our hearts, we have to admit, at the same time we're eating up all this gossip like jello shots at the family 4th of July BBQ.

So if you happened to be unaware of current events or just missed a few scandalous tweets, grab a glass of sangria and catch up on all the hottest celeb dating drama that has come out this summer. Believe me, you're going to have to cool off after this.

1. Halsey and G-Eazy are done

It started off as a normal break-up, Halsey posted a statement saying that the break-up happened and she requested privacy over the matter. The two had been dating for a year and released the hugely popular single "Him & I " earlier this year so fans were ultimately shocked at this announcement but ultimately were supportive.

And then things got a little messy.

Halsey then tweeted this rather cryptic tweet insinuating G-Eazy was a cheater a day after she requested fans and the media stay out of it. Then METRO uploaded a photo and reported seeing G-Eazy leaving a nightclub with singer Demi Lavoto a little over a week after his breakup with Halsey was announced, sparking even more rumors on who was the other women in this triangle.

Now after those rumors have died down a little, Halsey threw fans in an even more of a tailspin when she refollowed G-Eazy on Instagram and left the comment "Big Dick Energy" on his most recent pic. She went on to clarify that she was just commenting on G-Eazy's success and how they are still amicable so time will only tell where these two actually stand.

2. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth scare

Australia's OK! and The Daily Mail both reported the rumor that the couple has decided to part ways after nine years and a breakup. The argument allegedly was about when the two were going to start a family, which was only fueled when Miley deleted her entire Instagram.

The rumor ended up being just that, but not before giving the U.S a collective heart attack in the process.

3. Ariana Grande and Mac Miller's messy fallout

There are many places one could start when trying to tackle this mess, but one starting point would be the mega-hit the two collaborated on in 2013 "The Way". Since the fans had been waiting for the two artists to get together but it would not be until 2016 that their relationship would be public.

They were a popular couple in Hollywood, especially when he stood faithfully by her side during the aftermath of the infamous Manchester Bombing Tragedy during one of her concerts. He even was one of the first people to hype her up when her April 2018 single "No Tears Left To Cry" released.

Which what made the announcement of their breakup the NEXT month even more shocking. Ariana confirmed the break up herself on her insta story.

It wasn't long before fans of Miller started blaming Ariana for the breakup, when Miller was arrested for DUI fans immediately came for the pop singer claiming she was in the wrong. Not having any of it, Ariana stood her ground and aired out the dirty laundry of her and Miller's seemingly perfect relationship, drawing a definitive line in the sand between her and ex and their respected fandoms.

Of course, that's not even mentioning that it got out less than a week after their breakup that Ariana was already with another man...

4. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande come out

Pete Davidson seemingly came out of the woodwork to play the new leading man in Ariana Grande's life suspiciously not long after her split with Mac Miller. While Ariana tried to insinuate he locked her down quickly because he was rather, um, packing some heat, others were quick to suspect that two timelines at one point overlapped.

These rumors are even more suspected when it came out that only after two weeks of dating the couple already had matching tattoos, meeting each other's parents, and moved in with each other in Manhattan.

Then they shocked the world again when it was announced via the above photo the two were engaged one month into seeing each other. With Ariana's new album due this August, we will see what else she has to say about Miller and Davidson.

5. Younes throws major shade at Kourtney

The oldest Kardashian sister has always been private when it comes to her relationship with 25-year-old Younes, she doesn't even tag him in her Insta posts! So when he made a rather petty comment on one of her Insta posts, revealing just how jealous he can be, she was understandably upset. In a now-deleted comment, Younes showed his dislike of a cheeky pic Kourtney posted of herself saying "So this is what you need to show to get likes?"Fans of Kardashian immediately came to her defense at this gross comment and started making comparisons between the model and Kourtney's notoriously possessive ex Scott Disick. While the pair is still together, now the world knows just what Younes expects of his girlfriend.

6. Justin Bieber gets engaged to Hailey Baldwin

This actually isn't as dramatic as it is devastating to every girl who bopped to "That Should Be Me" in 2008 and now has to watch the love of their preteen lives love another. The two went public with their relationship a month before announcing their engagement (because that's the thing to do in 2018 now).

The only dramatic thing that has hit these two was when the paparazzi cornered Bieber and tried to get him to admit that Baldwin was pregnant and that was the reason the two were rushing into their engagement. Justin immediately went to his lady's defense and snuffed that rumor in the dust.

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