Bring Back The Warriors
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Bring Back The Warriors

Bring Back The Warriors

The Golden Eagles. I have personally never been particularly crazy about Marquette's current mascot. The Golden Eagles just feels like such a generic mascot, and it doesn't really tie back to our school's origins the way many other mascots do; the Badgers, Boilermakers, and Cornhuskers come to mind. What I am about to suggest may sound ludicrous to some, but the name I feel best works with Marquette University is that of the Warriors.

Marquette University held its nickname of the Warriors for 40 years only to be stripped of it when it came to be viewed as offensive and disrespectful to the Native American population of the state. While it is certainly is not up for debate that many depictions of our mascot from back in the day came across as far from politically correct and really quite offensive, I personally believe that we could return to the Warrior name and do it in a respectful and honorable way.

Marquette is given its name after the great Jesuit explorer Father Jacques Marquette. Father Marquette worked as a missionary in the late 17th century and traveled throughout the Great Lakes region the northern United States and down into the Mississippi River. As Marquette traveled and explored the New World and spread the teachings of Christ, his mission would have almost certainly failed had it not been for the tremendous help he received from the indigenous population of Native Americans. Father Marquette worked closely with the Native Americans on his mission of exploration; they lived together and taught each other. Father Marquette owes his mission to the invaluable assistance of the Native Americans.

This is why I feel the Warrior mascot just works so well for our university. Our namesake would have encountered far more difficulty on his mission had it not been for the Native Americans. Just look at our school's seal, the Native American guide is right there with Father Marquette, equally as responsible for the success of the mission as Jacques. Despite how the figure may have been depicted in the past, the Native American warrior is a very proud and courageous figure, one that commands a great deal of respect from both friend and foe. The mascot is not to suggest a savage or animalistic character, but instead a strong and revered being. The Warrior has always been a figure that others will join with and rally behind in the face of challenges and adversity, one who will stand up and defend what they believe in at all costs, and that's exactly the sort of mascot I feel we need as a Jesuit institution.

It is also worth noting that many other sports teams from all over the nation have been able to maintain Native American mascots with proper respect; just look at the Chicago Blackhawks, Golden State Warriors, Kansas City Chiefs, and Atlanta Braves just to name a few. If they can do it, why can't we?

And so, I call upon my Blue and Gold brothers and sisters to heed the call: let's bring the Warrior back home and show him the respect and honor he so rightfully deserves.

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