It's come to my attention lately that there is this huge misconception about women being complicated.. We really aren't. Here are some things boys should learn about women before they call us complicated.

Girls Fall For The Wrong Guys

For some reason, we like to fall hard for the guys that don't take us seriously. You know, the ones who are probably frat boys, swear that Saturdays really are only for the boys and talk to ten girls at a time. We really just love heartbreak.

We Want To Fall For Nice Guys

Trust me, we want the romantic boys, it just takes a while for us to fall for the nice ones. Most of us are so used to being led on by the bad boys that it's hard for us to wrap our heads around the concept that nice boys do still exist. Give us time and be patient, we want to like you.

12 AM Texts? No Thank You

Do not text a girl at those hours unless you don't respect her. It's so disrespectful for a girl to be head over heels in love with a boy who only texts or calls at random hours of the night. Girls deserve more respect than that. Take us on dates and call us beautiful or you'll probably just end up alone.

Be Honest

Honesty is key. Be straightforward about what you want and don't ever lead a girl on. Telling her that you're dating and introducing her to your friends to just tell her a couple days later you only want to be friends with her, is not cool.

Break our hearts? Good Luck

If you break our hearts in any little way, you're done for. She will go and tell all her friends what you did or said and they will hate you. Then, her friends will go and tell their friends and so forth. It's an endless cycle. Tips? Don't break a girls heart.

Almost Anything Can Be Fixed With Flowers

Flowers fix almost all problems. I don't know why guys don't get that. If you bailed on a girl or you didn't text her back for a while and she's mad, apologize and buy her flowers. Most girls will automatically

Or Something From The Heart

Poem? Letter? Arts and craft? We love that sappy stuff. What you guys don't understand is that girls are really that simple sometimes. Sure, jewelry and expensive stuff is nice too but sometimes something that shows you care is enough. We don't always want the expensive and non sentimental objects, we want something from the heart.

We Want You To Be Our Best Friend

If you are going to date a girl, you need to also be her best friend. We want a companion that is there for us through the good and the bad times.

Romantic yet simple dates? YES, please

Dates don't always have to be super planned out and intricate. Sometimes the simpler the date, the better. Most days we just want to hang out with you

Say Cute Things To Us If You Mean Them

We love cheesy little pickup lines and when guys call us cute but only if they truly mean it. We love love but only if you mean it. Don't even say I love you to a girl unless you are one-hundred percent sure that you feel and mean it.

We Live For Your Dorky Moments

Geeking out over your favorite show, movie or book? We find that super cute.

Affection? We stan

Hugs? More Hugs? Cuddles? Kisses? Yes, please. We absolutely love affection. If we have a really bad day, odds are we probably want you to comfort us with hugs.

Alright boys, I hope you learned a little bit more about us women.