Bowl Game: Mascot Matchup 2.0
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Bowl game season starts today and so of course, does my mascot article. You know the drill- I pit the mascots of the two competing teams against each other and decide who is going to win based on that. With this unusual season, things are sure to change and Covid spikes could definitely affect which teams actually get to play in these bowl games, but this is the list as of right now. Now, let's sit back, relax, and watch some football.

Myrtle Beach Bowl- Appalachian State vs. North Texas

The Matchup: Mountaineers vs. Mean Green

Winner: Appalachian State (couldn't find a good picture)

Am I supposed to be scared of a color?

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl- Nevada vs. Tulane

The Matchup: Wolfpack vs. Green Wave

Winner: Nevada (couldn't find a good picture)

Green wave? Is it slime from the Kids' Choice Awards?

Boca Raton Bowl- UCF vs. BYU

The Matchup: Knights vs. Cougars

Winner: BYU

Not only would BYU's mascot win in a classic fight, they'd also win in a dance battle.

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl- Georgia Southern vs. Louisiana Tech

The Matchup: Eagles vs. Bulldogs

Winner: Georgia Southern

We have two of the most boring and overused mascots on the planet here, but I give the slight edge to the one that can fly.

Montgomery Bowl- Florida Atlantic vs. Memphis

The Matchup: Owls vs. Tigers

Winner: Memphis

Hey, both these animals are in Winnie the Pooh- how weird.

New Mexico Bowl- Hawaii vs. Houston

The Matchup: Rainbow Warriors vs. Cougars

Winner: Houston

I would give the dub to Hawaii, but I don't know for sure if the mascot is tied to Native Hawaiian culture and therefore would be deemed offensive, so I'm going to have to go for the ferocious felines.

Camellia Bowl- Buffalo vs. Marshall

The Matchup: Bulls vs. Thundering Herd

Winner: Marshall

I was expecting this to be a buffalo vs. bison matchup, but oddly enough Buffalo's mascot is actually the bull.

Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl- South Carolina vs. UAB

The Matchup: Gamecocks vs. Blazers

Winner: UAB

UAB is going to smoke their competition... see what I did there?

Cure Bowl- Coastal Carolina vs. Liberty

The Matchup: Chanticleers vs. Flames/Eagles

Winner: Liberty (couldn't find a good picture)

Sometimes the team you like better just doesn't win- this seems like a metaphor for life or something.

SERVPRO First Responder Bowl- UTSA vs. Louisiana

The Matchup: Roadrunners vs. Ragin' Cajuns

Winner: Louisiana (couldn't find a good picture)

As a Trumble Park elementary Roadrunner I'd love to give UTSA the win, but unfortunately I'm not judging these matchups on sentimental value.

LendingTree Bowl- Georgia State vs. Western Kentucky

The Matchup: Panthers vs. Hilltoppers

Winner: Georgia State

Can someone explain to me what a Hilltopper is?

Cheez-It Bowl- Miami vs. Oklahoma State

The Matchup: Hurricanes vs. Cowboys

Winner: Miami

They might use an Ibis on the field (and yes, that's what this type of bird is), but their real mascot is known to be pretty unstoppable.

Valero Alamo Bowl- Texas vs. Colorado

The Matchup: Longhorns vs. Buffaloes

Winner: Colorado

In the battle of cow vs. non-domesticated cow, I'm going to have to give it to the more wild of the two.

Duke's Mayo Bowl- Wake Forest vs. Wisconsin

The Matchup: Demon Deacons vs. Badgers

Winner: Wake Forest

This man has God on his side.

TransPerfect Music City Bowl- Mizzou vs. Iowa

The Matchup: Tigers vs. Hawkeyes

Winner: Mizzou

Haha, you lose, Iowa.

Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic- Oklahoma vs. Florida

The Matchup: Sooners vs. Gators

Winner: Florida

Alexa, play "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John (I know it's not the same thing, but you get the picture).

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl- Mississippi State vs. Tulsa

The Matchup: Bulldogs vs. Golden Hurricane

Winner: Tulsa

Ignore whatever this man is above and focus on the fact that their mascot sounds like the fancier version of Miami's.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl- Tennessee vs. West Virginia

The Matchup: Volunteers vs. Mountaineers

Winner: West Virginia

I'm sensing a theme with the suffixes of these two mascots.

Arizona Bowl- Ball State vs. San Jose State

The Matchup: Cardinals vs. Spartans

Winner: San Jose State (couldn't find a good picture)

Can't win if your mascot isn't even real, Ball State. #Birdsaren'treal

Texas Bowl- Arkansas vs. TCU

The Matchup: Razorbacks vs. Horned Frogs

Winner: Arkansas (couldn't find a good picture)

Oink, oink, oink, we have a winner.

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl- Cincinnati vs. Georgia

The Matchup: Bearcats vs. Bulldogs

Winner: Cincinnati

Bears, & cats, & bulldogs, oh my!

Vrbo Citrus Bowl- Northwestern vs. Auburn

The Matchup: Wildcats vs. Tigers

Winner: Northwestern (couldn't find a good picture)

When the matchup is this close, I've got to just pick the team I like best, so... <3 Northwestern.

TaxSlayer Gator Bowl- NC State vs. Kentucky

The Matchup: Wolfpack vs. Wildcats

Winner: NC State

Being thrown to the wolves isn't a saying for nothing.

Outback Bowl- Indiana vs. Ole Miss

The Matchup: Hoosiers vs. Rebels/Landsharks

Winner: Ole Miss (couldn't find a good picture of the actual mascot, but this is close enough)

No matter how much this one pains me (and it truly does), I have to give it to TSUN.

PlayStation Fiesta Bowl- Oregon vs. Iowa State

The Matchup: Ducks vs. Cyclones

Winner: Iowa State

What is with schools with natural disaster mascots using birds on the field? That is one weird coincidence.

Capital One Orange Bowl- North Carolina vs. Texas A&M

The Matchup: Tarheels/Rams vs. Aggies

Winner: North Carolina

I expect a PowerPoint from Jimbo Fisher himself explaining to me what exactly an aggie is, and then we'll talk.

Allstate Sugar Bowl- Clemson vs. Ohio State

The Matchup: Tigers vs. Buckeyes

Winner: Clemson

This is a pretty lopsided matchup.

Rose Bowl- Alabama vs. Notre Dame

The Matchup: Crimson Tide/Elephants vs. The Fighting Irish

Winner: Alabama

I don't think Notre Dame has the luck of the Irish on this one.

College Football Playoff National Championship Presented By AT&T- Clemson vs. Alabama

The Matchup: Tigers vs. Crimson Tide/Elephants

Winner: Clemson

I hate to make my favorite animal lose but some things just have to happen, I guess.

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