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Boredom Solutions

What to do when you're bored and can't leave.

Boredom Solutions

Boredom is a plague that infects many. Personally, I am often bored, especially recently. There are many strategies I use to combat boredom, specifically in places that require concentration, the appearance of professionalism, or simply the ability to carry out menial tasks without falling asleep. It would be a world of rainbows, sunshine and sugared icing if we all had mentally stimulating, invigorating lives all of the time, but most of us have to plod along and work our way toward it. Here are 11 tactics to help make your plodding more entertaining, or at least more bearable.

1. Write down everything your teacher/instructor/professor says

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While this seems even more boring than just sitting there, it is a trick that I use to keep my mind engaged. When I write everything down, I’m ensuring that I am actually paying attention and I’m more likely to remember the information. It also keeps me busy, which makes time go faster.

2. Write down what the people around you are saying

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Creepy, sure, but it follows the same rules as the last point. It will keep you busy and will make time go faster. It also helps develop your ability to write conversation, which is useful if you are a writer. Just don’t let anyone notice what you’re doing and don’t take down any information that is too personal, if you happen to hear any.

3. Recite things in your head

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This is my favorite thing to do when I’m doing menial tasks. I once worked an early morning shift by myself in a kitchen. In order to keep myself awake, I would recite things from Shakespeare and other poet-like authors under my breath. Although it confused the few customers wanting breakfast, it kept me alert enough to make their food. This is also helpful during long waits when you don’t have anything else to do.

4. Make up stories in your head

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While you should refrain from stepping on the imagination train when you need to pay attention, this can whittle away large chunks of time in an entertaining manner. You can tell yourself stories from scratch, or you can create life stories for strangers around you.

5. Construct an elaborate fantasy

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This is the more popular car on the imagination train. Many people love to create fantasies in which they are doing what they really want to be doing, or else living out a dream or a thought that is unlikely. I know people who can pass blissful hours doing nothing but daydreaming.

6. Doodle

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Popular amongst school children, this is a good way to keep yourself occupied when you need to pay attention. In fact, it is scientifically proven to help keep your mind off the imagination train when you are bored.

7. Count freckles/scars

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If you are desperate and all you have is your own body, this is a way to learn more about yourself while remaining occupied. Of course, it works best if you are a particularly freckled person.

8. Try to figure out which direction home is

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One thing that I like to do is try to orient myself in space. It is difficult to know what direction you are facing, particularly while in a building, so this exercise could prove to be the challenge necessary to stay entertained.

9. Take frequent, slow drinks

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Really taste your drink, let it slide around your mouth. Figure out if you actually like everything you’re tasting. Think about how you could possibly improve it. Wonder where, exactly, your bottled water is coming from.

10. Look for split ends

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If you have long hair, stare at it for a while. Notice the weak spots and the split ends. If you have too many, mentally make a note to schedule a haircut or do it yourself when you get home. If you are especially bored in a friendly environment and have scissors handy, cut off each individual split end as you find it.

11. Figure out who you would be as a superhero

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While this technically falls under the story or daydream category, it is actually a good exercise. Do you have a superpower? What would you like it to be? Which do you think you’d actually get? Would you wear a costume? Are you actually a hero or do you just think you are? Who are you fighting? Why?

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The next time you're bored, try using one of these methods. Maybe you'll find that time goes faster and you can get to the exciting part of your day more bearably.

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