With the whole Jordyn Woods, Kardashian, and Tristian Thompson scandal in the news recently, it made me realize something. I realized a lot of the time when a guy cheats on his wife or girlfriend, the wife or girlfriend is quick to blame the other woman instead of the guy. I think that it's time to start holding the man who cheats and not just blame the cheating on the other woman.

Even though Tristian may have cheated on Khloe Kardashian (his girlfriend), the media was quick to focus its attack on Jordyn Woods. Sure, if Tristian cheated on Khloe with Jordyn, then yes, Jordyn did break the girl code of friendship. However, that doesn't excuse Tristian for his actions. He still cheated and should be held to at least the same criticism that Jordyn was.

It seems like whenever cheating is presented in movies, books, or in real life, the girl who is cheated on quickly blames the other woman. The girl jumps to the conclusion that the other woman must have tricked the boyfriend or husband into cheating. The man is somehow above cheating and could not possibly have ever wanted it. Apparently, women think that men are incapable of controlling themselves, and this kind of attitude needs to stop. If a man cheated, then he cheated. It's that simple. Men are just as in control of their actions as any woman, so they should be held to the same standards.

Some of the times where a man cheats, the other woman might not have even known that he had a girlfriend or wife. I think that jumping to conclusions about what happened is a bad idea. For all you know, the women might have been told that she was his exclusive girlfriend.

The man is always to blame because he knew what he was doing and cheated anyway.

Furthermore, I absolutely hate it if a boy cheats and his girlfriend takes him back. If someone cheated, then that person doesn't care enough about you. They made the decision that your relationship was less important than that fling they had. Never take back someone who doesn't value your relationship. Dump them, and move on. Wait for someone who values you and takes the relationship as seriously as you do.