Thank You, Big Papi
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Thank You, Big Papi

14 years. Boston has been blessed with David Ortiz for 14 years.

Thank You, Big Papi
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David Ortiz has become a legend. Everyone knows who "Big Papi" is, and everyone knows he is not only a great player, but a great person. Boston has been lucky to have him for 14 years now.

Thank you, Big Papi, for contributing to each season so greatly.

Since signing with the Red Sox in 2003, Ortiz has become such an iconic player for Boston. With a record-breaking 541 home runs throughout his career, he has become one of the most well-known players around our city, state, and all of New England. If you ask his family, they'll tell you how it all started with a broom stick and his sister's baby doll heads. 8640 at bats, 2472 hits, 1768 runs batted in - you haven't seen too many offensive players quite like him. Although Ortiz is widely known for the player he is, his statistics don't even begin to explain the person he is.

Thank you, Big Papi, for being such a huge inspiration.

For those of us currently in our late teens and early twenties who have grown up watching the Red Sox, we have grown up watching Big Papi. Throughout the seasons, many players had come and gone, but Papi was always there. Some may not know the name of the third baseman from game two of the 2004 series vs The Cardinals, or the short stop from game 3 of the 2007 series vs Colorado, but from the die-hard sports fan to the everyday person, if you live in Boston you probably know who David Ortiz is.

I remember growing up, I used to play wiffle ball with my family, and I'd try to hit homeruns just like Big Papi. I'd wear my Red Sox t-shirt and watch the game on TV, hoping I could go to Fenway one day. Watching Red Sox games was different than watching Bruins or Patriots games because I actually played baseball. It meant a lot more to be since I played the same sport as the players on TV. I wanted to play short stop just like Nomar Garciaparra, and hit just like Papi. He was one of my idols.

Thank you, Big Papi, for performing under such great pressures.

2004 - Game 4 - Bottom of the 12th - score is a 4 to 4 tie - no outs

They thought it was over, but David Ortiz said nope not on my watch!

It's moments like this that we will remember most. Anyone could have froze under pressure, but not Ortiz. Season after season, no matter what the circumstance, Ortiz always found a way to keep us on our toes, our hands clapping, and our voices cheering.

Thank you, Big Papi, for becoming a part of our Boston family.

In 2013, our city was struck with tragedy. The day of the Boston Marathon bombing is a day that many of us won't forget. David Ortiz sent out a powerful message five days following, a short but sweet speech that touched many of us.

"This is our f***ing city!"

David Ortiz is not just a player for our team. He has been adopted by our city. We have given him a second home. Since we welcomed him with open arms in 2013, he has made such an impact on our city, and he says the same vice versa. Papi loves Boston, and Boston loves Papi. He has become a true Bostonian.

Thank you, Big Papi, for having such a big heart.

Not only is Ortiz a ten-time all-star, he is a huge supporter and proud philanthropist in children’s health care. After a visit to a hospital in the Dominican Republic, Ortiz was shaken by the reality of the life threatening difficulties many children face and promised to do what he could to lend his hand in their fight. He kept that promise, and continues to today.The David Ortiz Childrens Fund, founded in 2007, helps children in New England and the Dominican Republic who do not have access to the critical pediatric services they need. This all shows how big Papi's heart truly is, within and away from baseball.

Thank you, Big Papi, for a memorable 14 years that Boston will cherish forever.

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