Before You Break My Heart

Before you break my heart, there are a few things you should know.

You should know that I am going to try to be my very best for you. If something happens between us like a fight or hurt feelings, just know I am not going to give up trying to fix whatever has happened. I am always going to care about the situation.

You should know that I am going to care insanely about you. I never want you to be upset about anything. If you’re sad, know that I am going to try everything possible to make you happy. I’m going to put you first. I’d rather I be upset at something, than you be in pain over whatever is on your mind.

Know that even if you absolutely crush me inside, I’m not going to let you know. Why would I bother you with my mess? You have your own.

Know that you need to be honest with me. Please don’t lie to me.

Know that I am never going to give up on you. I am always going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I am always going to support you and be your number one fan. I never want you to feel like you can’t do anything you set your mind to.

Know that even if you break me down and push me away, I am always going to care about you. I want to make sure that you are okay and happy. I won’t give up on you.

It is very hard for me to trust people and to let them into my world, so if I let you in you better know that you are pretty damn special. Not many people get that from me. I will try to do my best with being open with you about how I feel but just know that it is difficult for me.

Don’t give up on me. I need to know that you care about me back and if I did something to hurt you, you need to let me know. I want to make things right.

I am going to doubt things a lot so be prepared for my constant questions and reassurance. I am very emotional and if you don’t want or can’t deal with that, I understand. I am a handful. I get it.

I just want you to know all of this before you get involved with me. So before you do, and before you break my heart, I want to inform you of how I am. So please, be careful of me and I will be careful of you.

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