To The Dodgers, Thank You For Getting Me Through My Life

To The Dodgers, Thank You For Getting Me Through My Life

I love a good Dodger baseball game, but for more reasons than one.


In 2016, I visited Dodger Stadium for the first time because my mom, who has been a fan forever, had never been there before. At the time I was so not interested in going, but I went because I knew how happy she was going to be when we got there. We sat in the right-field pavilion, which had all you can eat hot dogs and nachos, enjoyed the game, and saw the Dodgers win on a walk-off home run. Well, that moment is when I fell in love with the game of baseball, and more specifically, Dodger baseball.

This past July, something pretty cool happened while my mom and I were in Atlanta for the Dodger vs. Braves games.
I am going to give some background information first though. The Braves are the only team that sells batting practice tickets. When my mom and I looked to see how much they cost, we found out that they were sold out, and am I so happy they were sold out. The day of the second game of the series, we decided to go to lunch in Atlanta. While sitting there, I looked at my mom and said, "Dave Roberts just walked in." She was very persistent on going inside and asking for an autograph, but I begged her not to because I did not want to bother him. But she won the fight and went to talk to him.

She came back to our table and said, "He said to bring you over, and we can get a picture." As I walked timidly over to his table, we took pictures, bonded over our love for Chris Taylor (that is a whole different story for a whole different time), and got an autograph. Well, he said, "Write your names down, and you can be my guests at batting practice." 'Holy Wow' was all I could think because I could not say anything but thank you.

Fast forward to when it was time to pick up our tickets. We asked someone where we could find them and they told us they would probably be in the Friends and Family pick-up. Low and behold they were there and we went on our merry little way into batting practice. When the Dodgers took the field, Roberts looked like he was looking in the crowd for someone. Spoiler Alert: he was looking for us. He treated my mom and I like queens, and I will never be able to thank him enough for everything he did for us.

But here is how Dodger baseball has helped me through life. I have always been one to hide what I am feeling. I really do not like talking about things that I am going through, so to have a distraction like baseball games helped me a lot. It is my outlet, just like some people like to paint or go on runs, I like to sit down and get completely invested in a baseball game, and that is okay. It is a good way to get the anger out, and a good way to celebrate victories. It has made me feel special.

The connections I have made just because of Dodger baseball are amazing; I mean I kind of personally know the manager now, right? Being a woman in the Athletic Training major, I feel that is a major accomplishment that I have already made connections with people in professional sports. I am just one step ahead of everyone else. So, do not be afraid to get completely obsessed with something because you never know what will come out of it.

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10 Reasons Why Baseball Is America's Favorite Pastime

Because you can't get more American than hot dogs, peanuts, and beer!

Play Ball! In the last week and a half, I was given the opportunity to attend both a Boston Red Sox's game and Chicago Cubs' game. It was my first time in Boston and the atmosphere at Fenway blew me away. (Partially because I heard my very first genuine "wicked") And as a lifelong Cubs fan, going back to Wrigley for the first time after my lovable losers became World Series Champs was pretty special. Both ballparks are the epitome of why baseball is such a great sport with some of the best fans in the world. Here are the top 10 reasons why baseball will ALWAYS be America's pastime.

1. The Field

You can't tell me you don't get chills when you first set your eyes on a baseball diamond. The white bases shimmer in the summer sun and the perfectly manicured grass stretches on seemingly forever. Put that beautiful diamond in a historic ballpark such as Wrigley or Fenway and it'll be love at first sight. Trust me.

2. The Food Vendors

Who doesn't like food and beer being delivered right to your seat? Hot dogs, peanuts, and beer, you can't get any more American than that! Also, I swear these people are superhuman with how they effortlessly carry their huge containers of food and drink up and down the stadium stairs.

3. The Die-Hards

Baseball fans are hardcore. It takes a special kind of person to follow a team for 162 games each season. Yet rain or shine, baseball fans are always there to boo the ump, yell for a pitching change, or put their rally caps on.

4. The Rivalries

Cubs vs Cardinals. Yankees vs Red Sox. Phillies vs Mets. The list goes on. Rivalries in any sport are fun, but three nine-inning games between two hateful teams of guys with bats is a whole new level of excitement.

5. The Seventh Inning Stretch

What sport do you get to take a break during the game to sing a song ABOUT the game? Baseball, that's what! "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" will have you singing from the top of your lungs no matter if your team is winning or losing. It's just that good.

6. The Uniforms

Baseball uniforms are awesome because not much has changed from the look of the 1920s. And plus, what girls doesn't LOVE a man in uniform? (I'm looking at you, Kris Bryant)

7. The Curses

To say baseball is a superstitious sport would be an understatement. As a Cubs fan, I can tell you that a curse from a billy goat can prevent your team from winning for a whopping 108 years. Just ask a Red Sox fan about the "Curse of the Bambino." The poor Cleveland Indians are still suffering under the "Curse of Rocky Colavito" 57 years later. Baseball is wonderfully weird.

8. The Patience

If baseball fans know one thing, it's that patience is a virtue. Whether that means sitting through nine innings of play or waiting more than a century to see your favorite team win, baseball fans are willing to wait.

9. The Greats of the Game

Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Willie Mays, oh my! Baseball has birthed some of the world's best athletes throughout the course of history. Being able to hit a 100 mph fastball with a skinny little stick is no easy feat, yet these men have made it seem so. They made America fall in love with the sport many years ago, and for that, we can't thank them enough.

10. The Home Runs

Because there's nothing quite like watching a ball soar over the outfield fence as your favorite player triumphantly rounds the bases. Knowing the course of the game can significantly change with one crack of the bat is a special feeling and is perhaps the greatest reason why baseball is America's favorite pastime.

Cover Image Credit: Matt Slocum/Associated Press

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5 Awesome Tweets For The City Of Champions

Boston has done it again this week with yet another Championship Title


I have grown up in Boston during a time where all of their sports teams have thrived. Since 2002, one of our major sports team has won a championship title every year. This past week the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, and Boston fans are yet again going crazy over their city of championships. Here are some awesome tweets that have been released about the city's amazing streak.


"The Red Sox ended a 630-day championship drought for the only city that measures its championship drought in days."

2. @sargvn

"How lucky are we to live in New England where we piss excellence."

3. @stoolpresidente

"My favorite part of being from Boston is being better than everybody else."

4. @Ian_OConnor

"On 10/17/04, the Red Sox entered 9th inn of ALCS Game 4 down 0-3 & 1 run to greatest closer ever, about to go 86 years w/o a title. They've won 4 World Series w/3 managers since that night. The haunted franchise now haunts everyone else."

@AdamMKaufman "The #Patriots won last night. The #Celtics and #Bruins won tonight.
The #RedSox #WorldSeries parade is tomorrow. Boston fans are dressing as winners for Halloween."

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