Bachelor Breakdown: Peter's Not Having A G'Day, Mate
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Bachelor Breakdown: Peter's Not Having A G'Day, Mate

An Odyssey panel discussion of "The Bachelor" season 24, episode 9.

Bachelor Breakdown: Peter's Not Having A G'Day, Mate

If you've been watching this season of "The Bachelor," you likely have A LOT of thoughts already. And you're not alone.

We put together a panel of viewers to recap and react to this week's Monday night episode and let's just say their opinions are as enthusiastic as Peter's reaction to crab rangoon.

Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me

Do you think it was fair of Madison to tell Peter she would be upset if he slept with the other girls in the fantasy suite?

Michael – I think it is very natural to have this feeling in real life, but that is not what "The Bachelor" is. Madison signed up to compete with 29 other women to try to win the heart of a man who had pre-marital sex four times with another woman in a different season of the show. So while Madison is within her rights to have these feelings and tell Peter, she also has to know Peter is well within his rights to disregard her last-minute plea.

Keely – I see this from both perspectives. From Madison's point of view, it was fair for her to tell Peter her feelings because open and honest communication is a relationship's best policy. Why should Madison hold back her thoughts and feelings? At the same time, I don't see it being fair for her to get upset with Peter because he has the right to make his own decisions.

Lily – I mean, if you look at this in the context of anything but "The Bachelor," the girl has a point. Yeah, it is REAL weird to think about a guy who was rolling around with some other girl six days prior to getting down on one knee and proposing to you. That is worthy of being upset about and most individuals would be less than thrilled with the entire scenario. But she also knew what she was signing up for. While she is still my favorite, I think this is the wrong show for sweet Maddie and I think her giving Peter this bit of an ultimatum is showcasing that.

Marisa – I think Madison had every right to express this to Peter. She knew that she would not feel comfortable accepting a proposal from someone who chose to sleep with other women a week before their engagement. Sounds fair to me! There's no reason Madison should have to sacrifice her morals just because she's on "The Bachelor." That being said, I do think she made a mistake by not telling Peter that she's saving herself for marriage during this conversation. That choice is one that will affect him as much as her if he ends up with Madison in the end, and he deserved to know before heading into the fantasy suites.

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

What did you think about Victoria F. talking to Madison about how she expects Peter to sleep with the other women? Would YOU have wanted to talk about it if you were in their shoes?

Michael – Victoria F. is the gift that keeps on giving. She is a classic mean girl and a great villain. I almost wish she took it to the next level and told Madison that *she* planned on sleeping with Peter and that she was really excited about it — and then ended the conversation with "I'll tell you about it when you're older." But yeah, once you know Madison made that statement to Peter, I think I would have wanted to spice things up and had similar conversations with Madison just to get into her head.

Keely – It was audacious of Victoria F. to say this to Madison, especially since she is aware of Madison's religious beliefs. I wonder if Victoria F. had an ulterior motive of planting seeds of doubt into Madison's head by making the statement that she did. Or is Victoria F. looking out for Peter's best interests? Victoria F.'s expectations are quite contradictory to Madison's expectations for Peter. There couldn't have been any more of an awkward topic for all of them to discuss amongst one another.

Lily – I think these conversations never would have happened had the producers not decided to stick all three women in the same hotel suite — rude, ABC. It's not like Victoria and Madison have ever been friends, and I think Victoria's vindictive side is shown so clearly as she taunts Maddie with her assumptions about Peter's intentions. Victoria is clearly not bothered by it, but she knows Maddie is — have some empathy for your fellow female, Victoria! Personally, I would NOT have wanted to talk about the other women's Fantasy Suites because WOW, what a mind game.

Marisa – It seemed clear to me that Victoria was trying to ruffle Madison's feathers. She could see that talking about Peter and Hannah Ann "going to bed" made Madi uncomfortable, but she kept pushing. I, for one, would have ZERO interest in thinking or talking about the guy I love getting intimate with my friend. So why was Victoria so chill about it?

Pete Don't Want Easy, He Wants Crazy

When describing his relationship with Victoria, Peter said, "I love that we've been through so much." What do you think of his desire for a relationship that "isn't always easy?"

Michael – Peter when thinking about having a functional relationship with meaningful conversations and real-life implications:

Keely – I am sorry, Peter, you are asking for trouble and misery. He cannot discern a healthy relationship from a toxic relationship. Peter better be careful what he wishes for because they haven't even been close to encountering the worst of all relationship problems. What happens if he and Victoria have to deal with a complex real-life problem? This concerns me.

Lily – Peter, psycho isn't cute! (Isn't there an Odyssey article on that?) While yes, surface-level relationships are not super telling of how life post-reality TV will be, a consistent roller coaster of emotions and wildly unpredictable communication is a big red flag. Does he like the chase? Is this because she's pretty? I'm concerned about Peter's decision making. Life isn't all roses and helicopter excursions and when you take those two factors out, his relationship with Victoria is a flaming trashcan of bad communication.

Marisa – Peter seems to think that drama and fights make a relationship interesting. News flash: a healthy and happy relationship does not have to be boring. Peter is just getting to know these women, but once the honeymoon phase ends, every couple deals with trials and tribulations. No relationship is "always easy." But it should NOT be this hard after just a few weeks.

Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

Did Peter make a mistake by sleeping with the other women knowing it would hurt Madison? Do you respect Madison's decision to leave because of it?

Michael – No. If Peter was going to do that, he might as well given Madison the final rose right then and there because it would be clear that what she says matters most, and thus, his decision would have already been made. So he did the right thing, as it's clear being intimate with someone is a big part of falling in love for him. I thought it was good that Madison walked the walk after talking the talk, so yes, I respect her leaving.

Keely – Since Madison previously warned Peter prior to the fantasy suite dates, he did make a mistake in terms of their relationship by hurting Madison. If Peter wanted to prove that he is 100 percent for Madison, then he would have controlled himself. Therefore, I respect Madison's decision to leave.

Lily – I don't think Peter made a mistake, I think he made a choice. We all know how Peter views Fantasy Suites — with enthusiasm. He knew how Maddie felt about this (or at least had a bit of an idea from her fumbled attempt at a conversation about it), so did he expect her to just reverse those feelings? He took a gamble on his relationship with Maddie by exploring Fantasy Suites with the other women, but I don't think he expected to actually lose her because of it. I 110 percent respect Madison's decision to be true to herself and her beliefs. No one should feel pressured to compromise where they stand. This entire situation is her personal nightmare and I do feel really bad that she had to go through that, but again — how did she see this really playing out?

Marisa – If Peter intended to end up with Madison in the end, he made a major mistake. Regardless of HIS feelings about sex, if he was sure of their relationship, he should have had the restraint to respect her feelings. He chose sex over her and hoped she'd forgive him for it, and I respect her so much for walking away. That being said, if Madison wasn't the one for Peter, then I obviously understand his decision to go into his other fantasy suite dates on his own terms. I guess we'll just have to see how the rest of the season plays out.

What Now?

After tonight's episode, how do you think this season ends?

Michael – It sure seems like Madison will still win it all. Victoria F. making it ANOTHER week is incredible, but I still can't see her winning it all. Hannah Ann is almost like the opposite of Victoria F. — everything is so vanilla and simple that there doesn't seem like there's much substance there. She is too much of a two-dimensional character to take it home, in my opinion.

Keely – I think Peter will ask for Madison to forgive him and come back to him. However, I do not think Madison will get back with him. I think Peter would have to seriously redeem himself.

Lily – Will this season actually end at the finale? That's my question. I think we're bound to see a lot of things go down between the season finale and "After The Final Rose," just like the whole Jed fiasco (finasco?) that went down with Hannah B post-shooting. I don't see a happily ever being easily achieved — my bet is he goes after Madison and that's who his mom is crying about. But I feel like Maddie, with a little time at home to ponder about this whole situation, could decide that Peter isn't right for her. PRESTO! In walks Hannah Ann. Or Hannah Brown. IDK, can I just bet on a Hannah?

Marisa – From the looks of the previews we've been shown all season, it appears that Peter receives some surprising news before giving out the final rose and that his mom wants him to "bring home" someone who he's lost. My guess is that Madison leaves straight from their fantasy suite date, and Peter lets go of Victoria and plans to propose to Hannah Ann. Then, before his proposal, he learns that Madison has come back and wants to talk to him. From there, he struggles to make a choice, and Hannah Ann leaves because she doesn't want to be a backup plan. I think he's still single now but plans to ask either Hannah Ann or Madison for their forgiveness and another chance during the live finale.

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