Bachelor Breakdown: Peter Is A Crab Ran–GOON
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Bachelor Breakdown: Peter Is A Crab Ran–GOON

An Odyssey Panel Discussion of "The Bachelor" Season 24 Episode 8

Bachelor Breakdown: Peter Is A Crab Ran–GOON

If you've been watching this season of "The Bachelor," you likely have A LOT of thoughts already. And you're not alone.

We put together a panel of viewers to recap and react to this week's Monday night episode and let's just say their opinions are as enthusiastic as Mykenna's facial expressions.

Tell Me You Love Me

What are your thoughts on Peter telling Hannah Ann to "say it again" after she told him she loves him?

Michael – It was a much better response than the "thank you" he gave to Kelsey when she told him she loved him.

Keely – The girl who has never been in love before is now vocalizing that she "loves" Peter, and she hasn't even dated him for more than a year. See the discrepancy here? Hannah Ann must've changed her pace when it comes to being in love with someone. Words mean nothing compared to actions. Peter probably can't even believe what his ears heard. From my point of view, Hannah is the least communicative about her innermost thoughts and feelings for Peter.

Marguerite – I feel like Peter is the sort of guy that needs validation from girls, especially in this situation. In any other circumstance I would have said "totally fine who doesn't want to hear that they are loved?" but in this case, I feel like it was a lot considering she may not be the one he ends up with at the end. She could easily end up getting her heartbroken and having to say "I love you" multiple times without the guy saying it back is tough.

Marisa – If Peter plans to pick Hannah Ann and live happily ever after with her, this was a really cute moment for them. But unfortunately, I don't think Peter has any idea what or who he wants, so this moment was selfish. Peter clearly lives for words (and tears) of affirmation, and I think he just wanted to hear a beautiful girl say she loves him for validation. NOT cool.

Peter's Falling... For Someone Else

Peter told Kelsey that his heart was "definitely falling." Was this fair for him to say when he knew he had stronger feelings for the other women?

Michael – No, but it didn't matter what he said at this point because Kelsey was going to get her heartbroken no matter what.

Keely – If Peter actually felt that his heart was "definitely falling" then yes it was fair from him to say. Heaven forbid that he would've used the "L" word instead. It was obvious though that he had stronger feelings for the other women. Knowing that Kelsey is more of an emotional human-being, Peter would've been smarter to not say anything at all. Kelsey's calmness in the limo exit was quite surprising for someone who typically gets emotional.

Marguerite – I think every bachelor/bachelorette claims that they are "falling in love" with some girls or are "in love" with multiple girls but I feel like they definitely know who is their top pick. That being said, I wish Peter wouldn't have said anything to Kelsey because I think it blindsides the person more when they get sent home especially after someone says they are falling in love with you.

Marisa – Nope. Whether he knew he'd be sending her home this week or not, Peter obviously knew Kelsey wasn't the girl he'd end up with in the end. So why say anything that could lead her on? Kelsey deserved so much better.

Waiting 'Til "I Do"

Do you think Madi has waited longer than she should have to tell Peter about her decision to save herself for marriage?

Michael – I mean, yes. Maybe when they were dry humping on a boat for what seemed like a long time would have been a preferable moment to give Peter that information.

Keely – Most definitely! This decision could've given a different contestant her spot if Peter wanted someone who is experienced. Sensuality is a deep and personal topic, but why should someone develop strong feelings for a significant other only to find out they are not on the same page when it centers around their sensuality? That can make or break a relationship.

Marguerite – It seems like Madi is Peter's No. 1 choice so I would hope that if Madi would have told Peter earlier it wouldn't have mattered buuuuuuut at the same time Peter did have sex in a windmill 4 times so who knows. At the end of the day, Madi's decision has nothing to do with Peter and it's something she seems to take very seriously and most people don't tell someone that on the first. I feel like she waited until she felt comfortable enough with him to tell him and I guess next episode we'll see how it plays out.

Marisa – Honestly, I do. The decision she's made is obviously a deeply personal one, but a real relationship involves two people of equal importance. Though Madison should in no way have to compromise her morals for him, Peter deserves to know that she's made such a monumental decision, which affects Madison's future partner as much as it affects her, at this point in their relationship.

He's Not Asking

Peter admitted to the camera that he loves Madison but chose not to ask any of the women's families for their blessing to propose. What do you think of this?

Michael – I genuinely think Peter has no idea who he is going to chose because he is such a genuine, simple idiot. He is Jim Halpert looks with Michael Scott smarts. I love him.

Keely – Peter, you surprise me once again. I originally thought he was more conventional when it came to dating. Why am I surprised though because traditional dating etiquette from the past is fading in modern society? Does Peter not want to face rejection if he were to ask any of the women's families for their blessing to propose? Does Peter want to keep all of the women on an equal ground by not asking any of the families for a blessing? Is he protecting some of the girls from getting their hopes up if he were to ask?

Marguerite – Maybe that's a hint there's no proposal at the end of this? I think it's absurd when people ask for the parents' approval only after dating the person for 8 weeks. I'm wondering if that also means he doesn't think he's ready to propose to any of them.

Marisa – Both Madi's and Hannah Ann's fathers seemed hesitant to welcome Peter with fully open arms until he proved he was only interested in their daughter. So I'm hoping Peter was just reading the room and will choose to (or to not) reach back out before a proposal IF he finds out it's important to the woman he wants.

Family (Doesn't) Matter

Do you think Peter made the right decision to leave Victoria without meeting her family?

Michael – Yes. At that point, he had to get out of there. You don't want to meet the people responsible for raising ~that~ in that moment.

Keely – Victoria was being so uncooperative with Peter. Why should Peter have stuck around to meet her family and tolerate her petulant attitude? Exactly. He made the right decision to leave Victoria – she left him first! He had every right to walk away from her after she walked away.

Marguerite – I think Peter would have made a better decision to leave Victoria with her family and not give her a rose.

Marisa – If he was certain he was done with Victoria, this would have been the right choice. But since he obviously chose to keep her around, this was a horrible move. Obviously, they were having a bad night, but Peter claims that family is everything to him, and there's no way he should propose to someone if he hasn't met her family. Plus, what a terrible first impression to make on your (maybe?) future in-laws. I think he should have given her a hug, asked her if they could both put this issue aside for the time being, and went inside.

He Just Can't Let Her Go

What's one word you would use to describe Peter's decision to keep Victoria over Kelsey?

Michael – It's two words, but "FANTASY SUITE."

Keely – This is an utterly easy answer for me. The one word I would use to describe Peter's decision to keep Victoria over Kelsey: absurd.

Marguerite – Stupidity. As Hannah B. would say I am truly "befumbled" as to why Victoria is still on the show especially how she handled that situation with Peter. She has shown her true colors multiple times and they are not great.


How Will It End?

After tonight's episode, who do you think will get Peter's final rose?

Michael – At this point, I am officially Team Victoria F. I love her. I am living vicariously through Peter. She is the kind of girl I wouldn't be able to talk to out of fear. Like, wouldn't even be able to buy her a drink. She reminds me of every mean hot girl I've ever met in my life, but on cocaine and steroids. I am watching this show for entertainment, and Peter picking Victoria F. is the best entertainment out there. I even wrote an article about 10 reasons why it could actually happen. Go Victoria F. go.

Keely – After tonight's episode, I have to wonder if any of the girls will get Peter's final rose. I think the problems surrounding Peter's final choice are only starting to begin.

Marguerite – I think Madison but I feel like there are going to be a lot of twists and turns before we get there.

Marisa – At this point, I don't believe there will be a final rose. Peter has messed up so many times, and previews for next week suggest it gets much worse. If anything, I think his final choice will be Madison, but I find it hard to believe she will choose him back.

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