Bachelor Breakdown: The Women Peru-ve Their Love
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Bachelor Breakdown: The Women Peru-ve Their Love

An Odyssey Panel Discussion of "The Bachelor" Season 24 Episode 7.

Bachelor Breakdown: The Women Peru-ve Their Love

If you've been watching this season of "The Bachelor," you likely have A LOT of thoughts already. And you're not alone.

We put together a panel of viewers to recap and react to this week's Wednesday night episode and let's just say their opinions are as enthusiastic as Mykenna's facial expressions.

Faith Comes First For Madison

What did you think of Peter's reaction to Madison's desires when it comes to faith in a relationship?

Lily – I think we could all tell this question made Peter uncomfortable. I think he knew that she values this more than he does, but he didn't want it to look that way. Madison was expressing a life that centers around faith — if Peter desired the same thing, wouldn't we have heard about it already? He seemed to like the idea for her to be that way, but he didn't exactly explain himself as having the same priorities. I think they really are cute together, but that's a fundamental thing to not be aligned on.

Keely – I commend Peter on how he handled this situation. It's not always easy to discuss the following: faith, politics, and money. He was receptive and respectful of Madison's faith by being attentive to her. Personally, I thought it was hard to get a read on what Peter was truly thinking - he was so nonchalant!

Liv – I feel like Peter's reaction to Madison was a little jumbled. After she spoke for approximately 78 minutes, I felt he dozed off while she was talking and was just trying to find supportive words to identify with her.

Kat – I do think he reacted well to the fact that she does have such a strong Christian background when he doesn't truly have that himself. You can tell that even though they don't have the same level of faith, it doesn't matter to him with his future wife.

Peter Lets A Good One Go

Did Peter make the right decision to send Natasha home?

Lily – Yes! I love her and *snap snap* think she really is great, but there was just not a lot of spark between the two of them. Come on — Natasha seems WAY more confident in what she wants and deserves than Peter does. She's gonna be just fine.

Keely – I truly felt for Natasha. To only be given one one-on-one date with Peter that late in the show would've been extremely difficult. Peter has progressed in his other relationships so much that Natasha would've had to do some major catching up. But, if Peter wasn't feeling it, then he made the right decision. However, if he wanted to have given her a fair chance, he would've set up a one-on-one date with her in the beginning instead of giving two 1-on-1 dates to some of the other girls.

Liv – In the moment, yes. I think he did make the right decision because as he said, their relationship just didn't get to the level that he had with the other girls. Totally understandable. However, if it came down to the end of the episode I would 100 percent think Natasha should still be there over Victoria F.

Kat – It is hard because this is the point in the season where if you aren't at a certain point in your relationship with Peter then he is going to send you home. They could have had a great relationship but she just wasn't at the same level as the other relationships he has.

A Toast To Kelsey

How have your feelings about Kelsey changed since #ChampagneGate? Do you see what Peter sees in her?

Lily – I think Kelsey got a bad edit with the #ChampagneGate situation. I mean BIG YIKES. But then we learned about her family background during her one-on-one in Cleveland and we've continued to watch her and Peter's relationship grow. She's not my favorite, but I think she and Peter do have a good connection. She is also the one girl left who is closest to Peter's age — not that age is everything, but life experience does make a difference.

Keely – My feelings for Kelsey were actually uniform and neutral throughout the show until her first one-on-one date with Peter. Even though the #ChampagneGate incident was a little extreme, she's a real and raw person from within. So yes, I do see what Peter sees in her. In my opinion, she would be a very loyal and honest partner, so we'll see what Peter chooses!

Liv – Kelsey for sure has a very dramatic side to her but has toned it down a lot the past few episodes. I think they definitely have some chemistry and clock on a few levels, but I feel like Peter is going to have a revelation that he doesn't see Kelsey as his wife in the end.

Kat – We have come a LONG way since that night and I feel like if I was in the position, I would have acted the same exact way. I do like her and feel like her and Peter are a good fit together.

Victoria F. Is "In A Mood"

If you were Peter, would you have given Victoria F. a rose? Can you justify her attitude toward him?

Lily – UGH that girl drives me bananas. WHY WOULD SHE STAY?! She's an emotional wreck who has shown us no real personality this whole season. I think she saw some other girls — Natasha, Kelly — call Peter out on some topics and receive praise, so that's what she was trying to do…poorly. It comes off as whiny and annoying and GIRL, BYE! IDK why Peter rewarded that behavior, but at this point, I don't know why Peter does what he does.

Keely – Every time these two talk now there is conflict that commences. Of course couples have their disagreements, but some of the things Victoria F. says to Peter are alarming. She gets annoyed by his "mood" at times? Uh, excuse me Victoria F., talk about the pot calling the kettle black. She should not criticize him for a fault that she actually has herself! I can't think of anything to justify her attitude toward Peter other than A) She doesn't want to be there or B) She is inexplicably fearful to get hurt by Peter.

Liv – Victoria F. needs to be sent home immediately. If her family is anything like her, Peter is going to need some serious saving in her hometown next week. Victoria F.'s attitude is literally as unjustifiable as it gets. It's petty, immature, and b*tchy. She's not standing up for herself she isn't raising serious concerns she's just WHINING. Grow up and act like a strong ass woman, not whatever damsel in distress character you're trying to play.

Kat – Victoria F. literally needs to leave. I cannot stand the way she treats Peter and I think if any other girl acted that way, she would have been gone a LONG time ago.

Kelley Lays Down The Law

Do you agree with Kelley's comments in her limo exit interview? Do you question Peter's intentions because the final four women are young?

Lily – I think Peter, whether he knows it or not, likes to feel like he's the protector. I'm sure it's easier to feel like the big strong man when you have younger girls who are falling for you quickly, ready for you to be their knight in shining armor. He wasn't feeling it with Hannah Ann last week and all she had to do was cry so he could console her and THAT was the breakthrough he needed? I think Peter is looking for someone who needs him and feels a little intimidated by women like Kelly or Natasha who are fully confident in themselves and what they deserve (and don't cry every two seconds for the sake of an emotional connection rose). To each their own, I suppose.

Keely – I do not agree with her comments at all. I used to like Kelley, now I don't anymore. She belittled Hannah Ann and Victoria F. by stating that "They're nothing, but I'm an attorney." OK, Kelley, just because you're an attorney doesn't mean you're superior to other individuals. Also, Kelley had nothing but vindictive and callous comments aimed at Peter in her limo exit interview. All around, I do not question Peter's intentions. After all, he states he is following his heart.

Liv – No. I hate Kelley. Never been a fan of hers. I don't think she and Peter have chemistry besides the fact that they hooked up before the show started and they tried to make it into something. I don't like her attitude and I don't like her arrogance in thinking she's better than everyone else. She was definitely there for an all-expenses-paid vacation and a few make-out sessions. Peter really needs to get his priorities straight and remember why he is here because at this point I wouldn't be ready to marry any of these women because of how little time he's gotten to spend with them because he's always distracted by drama.

Kat – Every season there is always a girl who talks about the age of all the other girls and how young they are. Just because they are young doesn't mean they aren't ready for a serious relationship that might possibly end in an engagement. I do not question Peter's intentions with the final four women being young. To me, age is but a number.

The Final Four

After tonight's episode, who do you think will get Peter's final rose?

Lily – I'm betting on Madison — who is amazing and really the only one I like at this point — but I also feel like Kelsey could sneak up on us and have a chance. TBH, I'm not ready to completely dismiss the notion of Hannah Brown making a comeback.

Keely – For the people who say Madison will get Peter's final rose, I think the show tried to throw a wrench into people's thought processes by showing previews of Madison's discussion of her faith. I still believe Peter is head-over-heels for Madison, especially since he admitted that he is falling in love with her.

Liv – After tonight I think Peter is going to give the final rose to Chris Harrison. I love Madison, but I feel like there is going to be some drama and he's going to hook up with other girls in the fantasy suite and Madison is going to bolt because she gave him an ultimatum (in the preview anyway). I also do not think that her father is going to give his blessing.

Kat – I really hope Madison does. She has stayed out of all the drama and seems serious about her intentions with Peter.

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