Bachelor Breakdown: Peter's Got Champagne Probs
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Bachelor Breakdown: Peter's Got Champagne Probs

An Odyssey Panel Discussion of "The Bachelor" Season 24 Episode 2

Bachelor Breakdown: Peter's Got Champagne Probs

If you've been watching this season of "The Bachelor," you likely have A LOT of thoughts already. And you're not alone.

We put together a panel of viewers to recap and react to this week's episode, and let's just say their opinions are as enthusiastic as Hannah Ann at the first cocktail party.

Meet The Panel

Peter Cancels The Group Date

What do you think of Peter canceling the group date because he was emotional over his conversation with Hannah?

Marisa – If I were one of the women on this group date and Peter – after completely blowing off the first half of our day together – told me he needed to take a break for a few hours because he was feeling "emotional," I would see it as a MAJOR red flag. This process is crazy fast enough without a Bachelor who is still hung up on his ex. Here's hoping Peter gets it together and realizes he has a mansion full of amazing women who would choose him first, not third.

Taylor – Oh I have many thoughts. Like, OK... it makes sense why he'd be in a crappy mood, but I don't know... maybe don't be the Bachelor if you still have feelings for your ex? Also, if I were on that group date I would have absolutely left (probably around the time when he had his ex ask me to share my craziest sex story in front of an audience) — or at the very least asked him to clarify where his feelings stood with Hannah. Because just as Peter doesn't deserve to be Hannah B's third choice, these girls don't deserve to be his second choice.

Dillon – Which Hannah is this? The Hannah that isn't actually on the show or the one that's mean to everyone? I don't know. Both of them get on my nerves. So I'm pretty sure I don't like it.

Kat – I totally understand Peter canceling the group date and feel like it is justified because if he were not to have canceled the group date, he wouldn't be able to be there with the group of girls he selected and that was the whole point.

The Cocktail Party Drama Begins

Was Kelsey in the right when she told Mykenna off for "stealing" Peter from her?

Marisa – Was Kelsey in the right at any point during this entire episode? No. Regardless of whether Mykenna had time with Peter during the previous date, she had every right to step in and grab him during the cocktail party. When are the contestants on this show going to learn that "stealing" time has nothing to do with the other women, and EVERYTHING to do with getting to know the Bachelor.

Taylor – Honestly, Kelsey was mad at everyone this episode and it was a bad look. The Mykenna situation was ridiculous in my opinion. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to not get the time you want but MAKE THE TIME like everyone else. At the end of the day, this is a competition to see who will get to spend the rest of her life with Peter (ideally) and if you're not making time, then you're not going to be that gal. Sorry, Kelsey. (Also, RIP to that champagne).

Dillon – Peter seems like a guy who appreciates manners. Wait your turn ladies.

Kat – I don't think so. I honestly think that is the name of the game and the whole point of going on "The Bachelor" is to see who will be aggressive enough to fight for Peter even if it makes other girls upset.

Hannah Ann Steals Kelsey's Moment

Did Hannah Ann solidify her villain status by popping Kelsey's champagne, or do you believe it was it a totally innocent mix-up?

Marisa – Honestly, I believed Hannah Ann when she said that she had no idea the champagne belonged to Kelsey. This entire situation had producer manipulation written all over it. BUT, I do think that the way Hannah Ann reacted to the mix-up made it clear she's anything but a girl's girl. Sure, Kelsey was totally overreacting and came at her hot, but I doubt she would have been so heated if she wasn't already getting bad vibes from Hannah Ann in the house. The total lack of sincerity in Hannah Ann's apology gave off some major villain energy.

Taylor – I don't think it helped Hannah Ann by any means, but I don't think it hurt her as much as it did Kelsey in the end. It was 100 percent staged by the producers since the other champagne option was conveniently placed very secretly elsewhere. Of course, alcohol being involved makes for heightened emotions in Kelsey's defense, but Hannah Ann's strategy of literally not giving a sh*t about anyone and opting out of the dramatic conversations is the way to be on the show, unfortunately. Because the drama always comes to weed out the ones who don't last.

Dillon – Hannah Ann was a villain from the get-go. She's got that a villainous look in her eyes (but I kinda like it).

Kat – I was definitely set up by production. Who the heck takes a champagne bottle that has a bow on it thinking it is just another bottle of champagne?! If you did just a little bit of detective work and looked at the bottle, you would see it is an expensive bottle, not Cook's.

The Women Compete On The Catwalk

Who were you most impressed by during the Revolve fashion show date? Who were you least impressed by?

Marisa – Since this entire segment quickly turned into the Hannah Ann and Victoria F. show, it's hard to pick a favorite competitor (because it was definitely not one of them). I thought Natasha totally rocked her fringed suede jacket, so I've got to go with her. As for who I was least impressed by, Victoria F.'s antics definitely take the cake. That strut down the catwalk in lingerie was NOT the performance of a girl who lacks confidence. If she hadn't wasted so much time crying for the sympathy vote, maybe she could have won.

Taylor – I was most impressed by the judge who kept yelling "What is this Vegas?" at Mykenna's outfit choices. I was least impressed by Hannah Ann because she is, in fact, a model so obviously she'd be a frontrunner in this group date challenge... also because she chose a wedding dress as one of her outfits. Like OK, sweet?

Dillon – Lexi was definitely my favorite. She seemed to be having the most fun in her outfit and wasn't up there to stir up drama… Like Hannah Ann in the wedding dress. Do less.

Kat – I was most impressed by Victoria F. for sure. She put herself out there even though she was extremely uncomfortable which is the whole point of the show. Peter was able to see a different side of her which gave her a leg up in the competition. I was least impressed by Hannah Ann since she already had modeling experience and they just gave her the win.

Hannah Ann Calls Kelsey A Bully

What do you think about Peter bringing Hannah Ann's "bullying" accusations straight to Kelsey? Is he ending the drama or starting more of it?

Marisa – First of all, I absolutely hate when any of the women choose to bring up their issues with another girl in the house during their time with the Bachelor. It's just not a good look. Why spend time focused on someone else when you can be getting to know and having fun with Peter? Let him weed out the bad seeds himself. That being said, unless Peter knew he was definitely going to send either Kelsey or Hannah Ann home after this conversation, I don't think mentioning Hannah Ann's "bullying" accusations to Kelsey was the right move. Obviously, both girls are going to defend themselves and you're never going to get the full truth, so why add fuel to the fire?

Taylor – Ugh the start of girls talking about other girls on dates with the bachelor is always the WORST. You're grown women, deal with it amongst yourselves. Even if Kelsey HAD gone up to her and called her a "b*tch" and whatever else, to say she "cried about it all night" is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's starting more drama that's unnecessary and making Hannah Ann look like she's in high school (which almost checks out age-wise). They both have got to go, but you know we'll keep seeing more of Hannah Ann for the ~drama~.

Dillon – That was a lame move on his part. Peter, you're supposed to be the voice of reason. Don't be afraid of Hannah Ann's crazy eyes. But, I get it. She scares me too.

Kat – I am SO happy that Peter had the balls to do that. I feel like in past seasons, no one brought accusations right to the source. He definitely ended it before people started talking to each other about it.

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