Bachelor Breakdown: This Week Was A 'Finasco'
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Bachelor Breakdown: This Week Was A 'Finasco'

An Odyssey Panel Discussion of "The Bachelor" Season 24 Episode 3

Bachelor Breakdown: This Week Was A 'Finasco'

If you've been watching this season of "The Bachelor," you likely have A LOT of thoughts already. And you're not alone.

We put together a panel of viewers to recap and react to this week's episode, and let's just say their opinions are as enthusiastic as Hannah Ann at the first cocktail party.

The Champagne Problems Continue

Who's the bigger bully: Kelsey or Hannah Ann?

Liv – Kelsey is definitely the bigger bully. Hannah Ann sucks a lot of the time and I can't wait to see some more drama with her, but Kelsey definitely acts like Hannah Ann is out to get her. I genuinely think Hannah Ann is scared of her. Kelsey needs to get off of her high horse and get TF over the champagne incident already, like you're old news now.

Dillon – Hannah Ann was born to be a bully.

Taylor – I think the whole situation is so beyond ridiculous and both girls need to just not. But because Kelsey is more outwardly confrontational, she will surely go down first because Hannah Ann will play the victim card — even though they're both in the wrong and acting like children. Get over Champagne Gate already, ladies. Ideally they'll both get kicked off next week, but we know that's not going to happen.

Marisa – I honestly don't think either girl deserves to be labeled a "bully." Sure, Hannah Ann is a bit brash and has certainly ruffled feathers, but she hasn't said a single mean word about another girl in the mansion – at least not on camera. Kelsey, on the other hand, DID say some pretty harsh things to Hannah Ann in the heat of the #ChampagneGate moment. Do I think that makes her a bully? No. Do I think she's technically more in the wrong here? Yes.

Victoria P. Line Dances Into Peter's Heart

Did Victoria P. share her personal story about her family situation with Peter too soon, or was that something he needed to know on the first date?

Liv – I think Victoria P. was just being upfront and wanted Peter to get to know her better. In the moment she probably felt something and just wanted to give him her back story about why she is so caring and nurturing. Or the producers asked her to talk about it. Either way, I think she has good intentions and was trying really hard not to cry. I don't think she meant for it to get as deep and emotional as it did, it just kind of happened that way.

Dillon – I mean… You've got, at most, a couple of hours to spend with him over the course of filming. Right? Gotta lay it all out.

Taylor – In real life I would say first date would probably be a bit early to share such personal life details, however, on "The Bachelor," the timeline is a lot different. I really really like Victoria P. and I think her intentions are pure and if she's brave enough to share those life details with Peter, then I see nothing wrong with it. The only way to find love is to be vulnerable and she's doing just that (on TV nonetheless)! I applaud her for it, honestly.

Marisa – If this date were taking place in the real world, I'd say Victoria P. dove in a bit too fast, but this is "The Bachelor," and we all know her time with Peter is super limited. Her story felt heartfelt and honest and it definitely brought her closer to Peter, so I think she made the right call in sharing when she did.

Miss Texas Gets Decrowned

Do you support Sydney for sharing her dislike for Alayah with Peter, or should the women keep their feelings toward the other girls to themselves?

Liv – Sydney is one of those girls who you can tell is just themselves ALL the time and her initial concern she shared with Peter was justified. As far as naming names in front of everyone, that was 100 percent Peter's fault. He should have asked her in their discussion, not in front of the whole group.

Dillon – I think it hurt her chances of winning, but I'm all about calling out fake people.

Taylor – As a general rule of thumb, it's not cute to spend your one on one time talking about other women on the show. But I don't think Sydney did it maliciously and in sharing her opinions with Peter she was really able to build trust with him. The fact that he really took her word for it is not really something that can be ignored. Peter obviously really trusts Sydney, so she has to have his back. And hey, in the end it sent Alayah home… at least we think (that promo for next week is wild).

Marisa – I am never a fan of contestants who choose to use their time with the lead to air their grievances about other contestants. Let them figure it out for themselves, and use your time to focus on each other! Even if Sydney's complaints were totally valid, now Bachelor Nation will always associate her with Alayah, and so will Peter.

Pillow Fighting For The Group Date Rose

Who would you have given the group date rose to?

Liv – First of all, even though I do like Sydney and think she's super genuine, she was given the rose because Peter felt bad that he put her on the spot and asked for names. I think Kelley should have gotten the rose because their conversation was the only natural, no drama, carefree conversation of the night.

Dillon – All the roses should go to Lexi. All of them.

Taylor – The group date rose should have gone to the woman who pronounced "lingerie" like "linger-y" because honestly, that's how unimpressed I was by the group date girls. I'm very sorry to say.

Marisa – We've never heard her speak, but I had such a good feeling about Sarah! Clearly Peter didn't since he sent her home later in this episode, but I think she deserved this rose just for staying so drama-free.

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