Bachelor Breakdown: El Amor De Pedro
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If you've been watching this season of "The Bachelor," you likely have A LOT of thoughts already. And you're not alone.

We put together a panel of viewers to recap and react to this week's Wednesday night episode and let's just say their opinions are as enthusiastic as Mykenna's facial expressions.

To Be Young And (Never) In Love

Was it fair for Peter to question whether Hannah Ann is ready to be with him because she's never been in love before?

Taylor – Something Peter isn't thinking about, which I think is extremely important to realize, is that just because someone hasn't been "in love" doesn't mean they haven't felt love or experienced a special bond with someone before. Hannah Ann has had past relationships and while she may have loved them, they weren't the one for her, so she couldn't really say she was "in love." I think that's totally fair! If anything, I think it means the person she does end up falling in love with will really be a special one. I don't know that she wants it to be Peter, but if it is, her not having been "in love" before shouldn't matter.

Keely – I don't think it was fair for Peter to question Hannah Ann. I don't think a person's prior relationship-status of being in love or not should determine whether or not he or she is ready. I have to give her credit for admitting this to him, but was it credible? What Hannah discussed with Peter is what perplexed me. Hannah said she dated a guy for three years and was never in love with that guy. Did Hannah mean to say she was never "truly" in love with any guy before Peter? Confusing...

Liv – It was NOT fair for him to judge her because of that. Hannah Ann is one of the girls who you can tell really wants to be there and has good intentions. Even though she was painted as the villain at the beginning, you definitely have gotten to see how sincere she is. Even though she is younger than some of the other girls, that doesn't mean she isn't ready to be serious. Peter definitely shouldn't have judged her because of that. Honestly, Peter isn't happy unless someone tells him a sad story or they're crying and that does NOT equal a connection.

Marisa – Absolutely not. This was not the first time we've heard a Bachelor or Bachelorette express concern over contestants who have never been in love or never been in a relationship, and I am SO tired of it. In order for someone to have "relationship experience," SOMEONE has to be their first. Hannah Ann is only 23 years old. Does that mean she's too young to meet the love of her life right now? No. But is it surprising that she hasn't experienced true love yet? Of course not. I'm sure many other 23-year-olds would say the same. But falling in love is falling in love, whether or not you've experienced it before.

Justice For Abuela

Who were you most entertained by during the telenovela date?

Taylor – I was most impressed by Chris Harrison, 100%. I mean, he's always a star, but he really killed it in that 'stache last night.

Keely – There was something about Kelley's grandmother role that made me crack up! I loved how she and Peter had fun despite the awkwardness of trying to be platonic.

Liv – I was most entertained by Chris Harrison during the telenovela date. Honestly, it was hilarious that he showed up in a mustache as Mykenna and Peter were making out. The other girls just acted weird because they were all just fighting to make out with Peter.

Marisa – This date was all about the GILF for me. Kelley has been so slow to open up on camera, so I loved that we finally got to see a bit of her personality. Her abuela ad-libbing was hilarious, and I hope we see a lot more of this funny side to her!

A Mid-Date Dumping

Do you think that Peter was right to send Victoria P. home in the middle of the group date instead of waiting for this week's rose ceremony?

Taylor – For sure. I say this because nobody has time to waste and literally every single time Peter tried to have a conversation with Victoria P. about something she didn't like, she'd throw a tantrum. She clearly couldn't communicate maturely with him (whether it was because of the cameras or that's just how she is in relationships, I don't know) and Peter picked up on it. He was absolutely right in sending her home during the group date because there was no way she was his wife and he was certain of that. Why have her wait around when he knew it right then?

Keely – Let's take a peek back at Victoria P.'s history on the show. She lied to Peter, got caught, and because of her dishonesty, I believe Peter already checked out. Therefore, yes, if Peter preaches that he is following his heart, why not cut to the chase and start eliminating if he is not feeling it?

Liv – I was absolutely SHOCKED that he sent her home. I had Victoria P. in the top three. I think that that was the only right thing that Peter did in this whole episode. He didn't placate her feelings by telling her what she wanted to hear and told her, dare I say, "his truth."

Marisa – In my opinion, this was one of the first great decisions Peter has made all season. After all of the drama between Alayah and Victoria P., it because extremely clear that "Victoria's truth" was not THE truth. Though it took him a minute, Peter clearly realized she was not being honest with him and had no business being there. And if he knew he couldn't trust her, why keep her there? I am all for cutting contestants mid-episode.

Second Date Slump

Do you think Victoria F. deserved a rose after the way she treated Peter on their one-on-one date?

Taylor – Absolutely not. I was SHOCKED and quite upset actually. Even if she didn't have the same feelings for Peter that he had for her, a mature reaction would have been to address how she IS feeling instead of shrugging him off. To me it was clear that she didn't reciprocate the feelings and that's why she got so agitated, it was horrible to watch. I was just SO bummed by the entire interaction. Peter remained so calm and collected through her rudeness, and I give him props because I have no idea how he did that.

Keely – Is it just me, or is anyone else not feeling the love from Victoria F. for Peter? I felt a cold draft from her. For example, she hardly made any eye contact with him which concerns me — is she hiding something? She seemed indifferent. She walked away from the dinner date... AGAIN. I can see why Peter was very confused because she kept giving him mixed signals. In the end, I don't think she deserved a rose after her date with Peter.

Liv – Honestly, Victoria F. kept it real and wasn't weeping about how much she loves Peter and he deserved a little dose of reality that not all of the girls are sitting around writing Mrs. Peter Weber in their diaries. She told him how she felt without writing vows and I thought that was important. I think she was a little dramatic about it, but I think she did deserve a rose.

Marisa – No, no, NO. I have had enough of Victoria F.'s dramatics. She had the nerve to bash Mykenna for being "weepy" and emotional, yet she has pouted, complained, and expected Peter to chase after her on every single date this season. I couldn't believe she got a second one-on-one to begin with, but I thought for sure her bad attitude would keep her from getting the rose. Peter should have sent her packing the minute she responded to his kind words with, "Yeah, I get it Peter."

Enough Is Enough

Did Peter make the right decision when he sent Tammy home? And was he right to keep Mykenna around for the cocktail party just to send her home during the rose ceremony?

Taylor – It was one of his best decisions thus far, honestly. I really really liked Tammy at the beginning, but the environment really got to her and she started being mean and absolutely tearing everyone down. I'm not here for women who don't support other women. Yes, I understand it's a competition, but that doesn't give anyone the right to treat anyone that way, let alone EVERYONE who spoke to her.

Keely – I hope Peter gave himself a pat on the back for sending Tammy home. Tammy raised drama for no reason once again. I agree with Natasha that Tammy targeted the more vulnerable so she could eliminate contestants by bringing them down emotionally and mentally. I disagree with Peter not sending Mykenna home right off the bat. Before — or even immediately after the two-on-one date — Peter must have known that he probably didn't want Mykenna around because he ultimately sent her home. Why did he keep Mykenna around? Who knows?

Liv – Tammy deserved to go home during the last episode. The girls were right in saying that she wasn't worried about spending time with Peter, she just wanted to get other people out of the way by tattling or making them feel bad about themselves. And after the way she acted last night, I unfollowed her on Instagram. I do NOT stan a woman making another woman feel bad about herself. I kind of felt bad for Mykenna because Peter really didn't give her a chance and if he was going to send her home, he should have done it after he sent Tammy home. Mykenna was so excited she got to stay and then he ripped her heart out by sending her home 10 minutes later.

Marisa – Tammy 100 percent deserved to go. She showed her true colors over the last two episodes and seemed more interested in pointing out who was there for the "right reasons" than she was in actually getting to know Peter. News flash, Tammy — it's his job to eliminate contestants, not yours! Though I think Peter kept Mykenna after the two-on-one to show her that he believed her over Tammy, he definitely ended up giving her false hope. He would have been better off sending Tammy home, then coming back in and telling Mykenna that he believed her, but just wasn't feeling it.

And Then There Were Six

After tonight's episode, who do you think will get Peter's final rose?

Taylor – Full honesty? I don't think any of them are right for Peter. But if I had to pick, I would say Madison. She's been a front runner since their one-on-one with his parents and continues to remain one of the only women whose interactions with him are always positive and loving.

Keely – I am going to stick to my word that Madison will get Peter's final rose. Each episode I find he progressively gets more affectionate with Madison. The fact that she stays out of the drama goes to show that if a couple can solely focus on their relationship, a strong foundation can be established and can only keep going up from thereby giving each other undivided attention.

Liv – Right now, I think it's going to be between Madison, Victoria F, and Kelsey. Madison has always been my number one, as I'm sure she is for a lot of people, but I feel like it's TOO good and something is going to happen that makes Peter think twice about her. This season is weird though, so who knows!

Marisa – Right now, I think Madison is the only option. Though I do really like some of the other remaining girls, Madi is the only one who has remained drama-free and genuinely seems to reciprocate Peter's feelings for her.

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