Why Victoria F. Could Win 'The Bachelor' Season 24
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10 Reasons Victoria F. Might Actually EFFING Win 'The Bachelor' Season 24

She is *not* ugly.

10 Reasons Victoria F. Might Actually EFFING Win 'The Bachelor' Season 24

Episode eight of 'The Bachelor' season 24 was a doozy.

It was hometown week and Peter Weber was slated to meet each of his final-four ladies' families in their respective hometowns.

He met Hannah Ann's family. He met Kelsey's family. He met Madison's family. He met Victoria F.'s family got into a huge fight with Victoria F. after confronting her about running into his ex who grew up with Victoria F. and called her a notorious homewrecker who Peter should steer clear of.

So, naturally, when it came time to send someone home, he sent home Kelsey, who — bless her heart — told Peter she loved him only to have Peter basically tell her "thank you."

So, here we are. Three girls remain: Hannah Ann, Madison, and Victoria F.

Surely, Victoria F. will be the next girl sent home, right? It's insane that she's made it this far, so logic says her days are numbered.

But what if they're not?

Here are 10 reasons Victoria F. might actually get the final rose:

1. Peter's an idiot.

We cannot underestimate this anymore. This man's decisions are like his forehead scar: they look worse and worse every week.

2. She is not ugly.

Every girl on this show is gorgeous, obviously. But Victoria's aesthetic is the kind that will ruin a man's life, and Peter seems to be interested in having his life ruined.

3. She is not a virgin.

Something tells me that Victoria is going to bring her A-game on fantasy suite night, while Madison tells Peter she's saving herself for marriage.

4. Madison and Hannah Ann would make better bachelorettes.

These two ladies are classic "The Bachelorette" leads, and losing would set them up in a prime position to be just that.

5. Tied with Hannah B coming back into the picture, it's probably the ending that would go most viral for ABC.

Peter giving Victoria F. a rose this week basically broke Twitter, so just imagine what would happen if she won it all?

6. She has a dog.

This was Victoria F.'s best look yet.

7. Her family got along great with Peter*.

*They never got to meet Peter, but that was still less awkward than some of the other encounters Peter had with Madison and Hannah Ann's fathers.

8. Madison and Hannah Ann are just too nice.

They say nice guys finish last, and sometimes the same goes for girls.

9. Say what you want about Victoria F. but she and Peter have had real moments.

Are they all because Victoria F. is crazy? Yes. But they still have had more emotional moments in their relationship that Madison and Hannah Ann have somewhat lacked.

10. I just want to see it happen.

If you're not rooting for Victoria F. to win it all yet, you should try it. I highly recommend it. It's a blast. Go, Victoria F., go.

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