It's the day of the week we all dream about. A beautiful word and a beautiful end to a tough work week or school week. You may have guessed it by now but if not, I'm talking about Friday. After a long four days of work or school, we're all ready for the weekend. Friday is a nice, warm greeting to the start of two days off from responsibilities. Here are some celebratory GIFs to celebrate our favorite day of the week:

1. TGIF.

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2. The weekend is almost here.

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3. Leaving work or class on a Friday.

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4. Waking up and realizing it's Friday.

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5. What you want to scream when it's Friday.

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6. Seeing a friend on Friday.

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7. Getting home on a Friday.

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8. When it's Thursday and you know what day lies ahead.

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9. Going to class or work on Friday.

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10. When you've got a great weekend coming up.

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11. And realizing that Friday's friends, Saturday and Sunday, are still ahead.

Photo courtesy of "SpongeBob Squarepants" on Nickelodeon and

Everyone loves Friday and everyone loves the weekend. It's a time to unwind from the stresses of work and class. Only one piece of advice though: enjoy the weekend responsibly.

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