I Am Out Of Words

For the past three days, I have been in denial with the results of the 2016 presidential election.

It has been a lot of on-and-off crying. I feel numb. I feel sick. I can’t even imagine what others are going through, and I’m not going to compare myself to them because, quite frankly, I don’t deserve to.

The candidate I did not vote for, won. Honestly, I can’t really focus enough to write his name right now, but my Google Chrome extension changes his last name to ‘Drumpf,’ (thanks, John Oliver!) which helps me feel slightly better. I know that there are several of you who will read this having voted for him and will be disgusted by what I have to say, or maybe even a little vengeful.

Yes, my candidate lost.

I’m not going to criticize you for voting for the president-elect, as that is your right, but I won’t promise there’s not something spiteful screaming at you in my head. I won’t say it out loud, because I’m going to take the high road. But I’m going to share my feelings here, in a list, mostly because I don’t think I can put deep, thought-provoking thoughts together.

I ask you not to comment on this article. This is me dealing with my grief.

This is for Hillary supporters, and his supporters alike. It’s an amalgamation of my thoughts.

  1. I am terrified that he is president. I am terrified for myself as a woman, I am terrified for my friends whose skin colors are not white, I am terrified for those getting much needed help from Obamacare, I am terrified of those with vaginas who were raped and now may be forced to give birth to an innocent child that is born half of a monster. I am terrified for LGBT individuals and immigrants and their families whose lives are threatened daily just because they fell in love or weren’t born here. I am terrified.
  2. George Washington told us not to create political parties. I wish we had listened to him.
  3. The Constitution was actually our second government, meaning the first one (the Articles of Confederation) was scrapped after our Founding Fathers realized it had many problems. They added the ability to amend it, which means that they WANTED us to do the same in and for the future. They wanted us to believe in the Constitution, of course, as it’s our foundation of government, but they wanted us to adapt the rules to the changing times. THAT MEANS IT CAN CHANGE.
  4. Just like President Obama, Donald will not be able to keep many of his promises. Sorry.
  5. Our economy NEEDS unemployment to work. Getting rid of the minimum wage will only work for a little time. That, and there won't be new jobs right away.
  6. In regards to Donald bringing “new jobs” back to America, please consider something. He did not specify “good jobs.” Because he is planning on deporting millions of people who previously did jobs others wouldn’t dare be caught doing, those jobs might be “below you.” You still might not make enough to live on, and you might have to take those low-swinging fruits.
  7. America was founded by immigrants. Let them stay.
  8. Voting is really voting for what you want AFTER the president-elect’s four years in office. It’s not about what you want now, but rather, about the legacy you leave behind for your children. You can be selfish later, when you’ve done good for them.
  9. Americans are like cockroaches. We don’t die, even after we’re constantly stepped on. We will get through this.
  10. We need to peacefully protest. Violence will turn this country into post-World War I Germany. That created the rise of the Nazis.
  11. Protect your friends and families. No matter what side, we will all have our lives changed.
  12. If someone is emotional about the results, don’t you DARE mock or hurt them. We are allowed to FEEL. Just because you won doesn’t mean you need to gloat.
  13. Since Andrew Jackson’s presidential campaign, when the lovely thing that has become our presidential election’s main fighting tactic (called mudslinging) became popular, politics has always become more about the person rather than their policies and the platforms. It’s time for the mudslinging to stop. There is NO perfect candidate.
  14. Hate crimes WILL rise, and already have. I hope we don’t regress even more back to the 1960’s than we already have.
  15. I am tired. So tired. But that doesn’t mean I’m done fighting. It means I’m going to fight harder.
  16. We need to educate this country. Voting willy-nilly is unacceptable.
  17. He will be one of the most hated presidents in history, probably right next to Jackson.
  18. Don’t say you want him assassinated—not because I care about him, but because we’ll be stuck with Mike Pence, who is even worse.
  19. You should vote for the person you agree the most with, not the person who is an elephant or a donkey.
  20. Love still trumps hate. Always has, always will.
  21. Even Voldemort took Hogwarts. And look what happened there. Harry won. Love won.
  22. A cute dog makes this article better (and I’m in tears and out of words, so here you go).

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