The other night I was driving home from a long trip with my best friend. The sunset was muted tangerine and the music blared in the background. We were having the best conversation and laughing so hard. At that moment everything seemed really perfect. I looked out the window at the long stretches of green fields and thought to myself, "Wow, this is a once in a lifetime moment right here. I better try really hard to remember this feeling."

Later I started thinking about that thought and I realized how silly it was. Sure, that was definitely a once in a lifetime moment that I will never experience exactly like that again, but so is every single moment of every single day. Why do we pay so much attention to the wild or picture-perfect times in our lives but ignore the things that seem like just little everyday routines?

We've become so used to our lives that we don't really appreciate them anymore. Once in a lifetime things aren't uncommon or rare. They happen every single day and most of the time are as simple and routine as car rides with your best friend, or long talks with your mom, or afternoons with your sibling.

Sure, skydiving and surfing the best waves and traveling across the world are also incredible once in a lifetime things, but so is every single other thing ever. We don't really ever sit back and think about how incredible everything is. Being ALIVE and breathing is a once in a lifetime chance.

The thing about once in a lifetime is that it isn't rare or uncommon. Every day is a once in a lifetime chance. You will only live July 2, 2019, once in your lifetime. You will only experience this exact moment once in your lifetime. You may experience moments like it, but never again will it be exactly like this. You see, your life will suddenly become so much more meaningful when you realize that you'll never get the same moment again.

When you start thinking of everything as "once in a lifetime" type things, you start to really appreciate the simple little moments and pay more attention to the beauty of the life you're living. Your life is a once in a lifetime type thing. Treat it that way.