A Letter To My Disney College Program Roommates

A Letter To My Disney College Program Roommates

To the most wonderful ladies I lived with during my 5 months at Disney, thank you for everything.


About a year ago, I had moved down to Florida all the way from Michigan to start a new journey in my life as a Cast Member for the Disney College Program. Even though I had been so excited to start this, deep down I was nervous about the fact that I was moving so far away from home and would be placed in an unfamiliar environment. However, I did not need to worry, because I would learn over the entirety of my program that I had the most amazing, supportive, and lovable roommates anyone could ask for.

These girls did not just become my roommates, or even my best friends, they became my sisters. They were the ones that became such a huge support system for me during my time there, and I was also a support system for them. Between us, there was an inseparable bond that was built that would have to take the strongest of forces to break. For a good amount of my life, I had been looking for people in my life that could be like that, that I could be so close too that we shared and did everything together. These girls were the ones I'd been hoping and praying for for many years.

To each of my roommates, thank you. Thank you for all the laughs, smiles, tears, and memories. Thank you for all of our park trips, our shopping trips, our roomie dinner nights, our ladies nights, and every night in between. Thank you for enjoying the best sides of me, and for tolerating some of my not so great sides too. Thank you for helping me get though tough times, and thank you for letting me be there for you guys too. Most important though, thank you for just being yourselves, and for allowing me to be myself around you guys too.

Even though our program ended months ago, you guys are still the ones I go to about everything. I still come to you guys with all of my exciting news, my life updates, and other just random things that I tell you guys. I still go to you guys for advice and still give you guys advice when needed. To this day, I still enjoy our Skype calls, our Snap chats, and all of our random conversations we have. I am also so proud of each and every one of you with everything you guys have done and accomplished since our time at Disney, and I am so lucky I get to tell everyone about my amazing roommates that I had during my DCP.

As I am writing this now a year later in my dorm at Michigan State, my heart currently hurts knowing that I am physically no where near you guys (I'm a Northerner in a group of Southern Belles). The closest thing I have to physically having you guys live with me right now are the pictures of us that are hanging all around my dorm. But if there's one thing I know for a fact, it's that fate will bring us all back together one day. Until then, I will enjoy every call, text, and video chat I get from you guys.

At the end of the day, it was never a goodbye, it was just a see ya real soon.

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