Benefits of Participating in the Disney College Program
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Benefits of Participating in the Disney College Program

There are so many benefits but four main ones.

Benefits of Participating in the Disney College Program
Caitlin Woods

Doing the Disney College Program provides the participants with so various benefits. From gaining work experience, meeting new people, receiving discounts, to gaining college credit.

Gaining work experience with a reputable company is an incredible benefit. Walt Disney World is successful. Having this internship on one’s resume helps them stand out when applying for future jobs or applications. Working for a successful company allows participants to understand and see how and why a successful and reputable company operates. Working for Walt Disney World provides new connections and networking opportunities for future careers or internships.

Meeting new people is a popular benefit that participants of the Disney College Program enjoy other than the discounts. As a programmer you typically live in an apartment on Disney property provided by Disney with anywhere from 3-7 roommates. The sizing of the apartments varies with the number of rooms and bathrooms. Participants are from all over the United States and world. You could have one roommate from North Dakota, one from England, one from Canada, one from Florida, and so on. Even while working in the park you get to be introduced to different people and cultures. You have the ability to make connections and relationships with these guests. A life long friendship can be made with these new individuals one meets everyday.

Receiving discounts on dining and merchandise as well as free passes into the Walt Disney World Park is the most popular benefit participants receive. Programmers are paid, which changes every so often. However, Cast Members and College Programmers receive free passes for themselves known as a “Main Gate”. They also receive passes for free to use on their friends or family. Each participant receives a certain number of these free passes to use. On top of the passes, Cast Members and College Programmers have a discount of merchandise and dining. Usually a 15 or 20 percent discount from what I remember. Though, the longer the Cast Member has been there the more their discount rises after a certain number of years employed. Discounts for dining is different because only specific places allow you to receive the discounts. However, during holiday seasons the discounts increase to around 40 percent.

Gaining college credit can be a great benefit for those wanting to receive credit for their internship or classes being taken. Walt Disney World offers classes, typically business classes that can be taken and given college credit for. Each institution is different on what they accept. One college may accept “Marketing You” as BADM 230 and another college might not accept the credit at all. Some colleges will allow the internship to be received as credit while others do not offer the same credit.

While there various benefits to doing the Disney College Program, it is not for everyone. The majority of programmers tend to enjoy their time working for the Mouse. These are only four of the major benefits that the Disney College Program provides for the participants.

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