Every so often things take a turn in life and for what seems like forever you find yourself in a slump. No one has all of the answers, and everyone seems to always say the same things. I am grateful that you want to be there for me through my dark times, but knowing that you are only saying what you think you are supposed to say hurts a little more.

1. Everything will be OK.

How do you know? I know that the storm is not 365 days in a row, but it's a storm that comes and goes more than I would like.

2. It's OK to not be OK.

Now this, this is my go-to line. I say this to myself and others, but really? It's not OK to not be OK... You have to fight and push through it or it'll only get worse.

3. You're too young to know what heartbreak and depression is.

I may not have been diagnosed by a doctor, but trust me, I know what pain is. I know what feeling emptiness is, and I know how much my eyes hurt when I try to cry it all out.

4. You're being overdramatic. Get over it.

Get over it? You think this is something I WANT to be feeling? Because it's not. I want to be able to not fake my happiness, to smile without command, but I can't.

5. People have had worse lives than you.

In other words, you're saying, "You have no reason to feel upset." But you are wrong because there is a lot that I go through that not one person knows everything.

6. You should go see a psychologist.

So they can prescribe me medicine and tell me that it's all in my head? No, it's my heart no doctor can fix this.

7. If your faith is as strong as you say it is, you wouldn't feel this way.

This is my favorite one. My faith is strong, but sometimes I fall short of His grace. Not because I feel like He has failed me, but because I have failed Him. That is the sole purpose as to why I feel so empty.

8. Your grandparents would want you to be happy.

I know, but without them here physically, it hurts.

9. Stop acting like everything bad just happens to you. It's annoying.

I am so sorry that my hurting and just looking for someone to talk to is annoying you. I am so sorry that for some unknown reason I am feeling this way. I cannot help it. I don't know how to let out my emotions as easily as everyone else, but I will remember to now come to you when I am crying anymore.