9 Things FFA Provided for Me
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9 Things FFA Provided for Me

FFA will forever be in my heart.

9 Things FFA Provided for Me
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As every small town high school student knows, last week was National FFA week! This was always one of the best weeks to be in school. There were costume days, snacks, and special events, but only for FFA members. Besides FFA week, there are so many more amazing things about the National FFA Organization.

1. Monthly Meetings

Although the meeting were supposed to be extremely structured and professional, there was always a way to get off track and goof off. There was always a fun activity after the meeting adjourned, whether it was a scavenger hunt around the high school or a white elephant Christmas gift exchange that turned into who could give the funniest gift, meetings were always a blast.

2. FFA Recordbooks

FFA recordbook workdays were always dreaded. We would spend the entire class trying to fumble through the pages of our recordbook. The worst would be the beginning and ending months of the year, which would force us to fill out a multitude of pages that were difficult to comprehend. However, at the end of a recordbook career, an individual was able to keep more accurate records, stay organized, and understand finances a little better.

3. Official Dress

Official dress consisted of a blue corduroy jacket, dress pants or pantyhose and a skirt, a white collared shirt, a tie or scarf, and dress shoes. It was a love/hate relationship. There were days you absolutely dreaded putting on that corduroy jacket and dress pants, but in the end, you were extremely proud to be able to hang up your jacket and even shed a tear the last time you ever wore your blue corduroy.

4. CDEs

CDE stands for “career development event.” These events were always a good time, whether you were inside reciting a speech or outside in the cold judging livestock. Each and every event was taken seriously and every team tried to get first place. At the end of every contest, the bus would always stop for food. CDEs helped members find their passion in agriculture with a fun and competitive contest.

5. Service Hours

One of the best parts of FFA was the ability to get involved in the community while helping others. There was highway clean up, salvation bell ringing, and birthday bingo at the nursing home. Highway clean up always ended up trying to find the weirdest and funniest thing on the side of the road. There has been tires, half-eaten food, and even phones. Community service hours were a great way to get involved with the community and the FFA chapter.

6. Leadership Opportunities

FFA chapter, section, state, and national offices offer so many opportunities to grow your leadership abilities and get involved with FFA and the agricultural community. Whether you head up a committee, are captain of a team, or an officer, you have a multitude of opportunities to grow. My senior year, I was the chapter historian and I learned so much on communicating, working with others, and time management. FFA provides so many amazing opportunities to get involved and develop leaderships qualities.

7. National and State Convention

Conventions were one of the highlights of any FFA career. Getting to drive and stay in hotels with some of your best friends is so much fun. You also get to meet other passionate FFA member from around your state and the United States. There were dances, amazing speakers, and a weekend full of activities and fun.

8. FFA Advisors

FFA advisors make FFA worth it. My FFA advisor was like a second mom. She always encouraged, reprimanded, and made sure we had everything before long trips. She is a great reference and someone to turn to with questions about literally anything. FFA advisors get you involved and help grow your passion for FFA and agriculture.

9. Friendships

Best of all, you make friendships that will last a lifetime. At my first FFA convention, I met my best friend. We bonded over being the only to freshman with our school, having no clue how to get anywhere, and eating junk food for lunch. I’ve connected with both upper and under classmen, met people from other states, and found a group of people who share my interests.

FFA may not be something that is “cool,” but it is something that will forever change your life. FFA offers so many opportunities and unique experiences you don’t want to miss. So, get involved!!

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