In a time of anger, frustration, and dividedness, I want to do what I can to keep things positive. As we come up on Thanksgiving, I want to remember all of the reasons that I have to be happy - and there are a lot.

1. Sunsets

How does it do that every single day?

2. Laughter

There's nothing better than laughing until you cry.

3. Puppies

4. Michael Buble's Christmas album

Yes, I do in fact listen to it in July.

5. Stepping on crunchy leaves

6. "The Princess Bride"

"Anybody want a peanut?"

7. Chocolate

8. Singing in the car

Every song that comes on is my "favorite song".

9. Clothes fresh out of the dryer

10. Popping bubble wrap

11. Receiving letters

Let's revive this, shall we?

12. Finding cash you forgot about

It's like getting free money!

13. The perfect milk to cereal ratio

14. Days that are sunny with a high of 75

And standing out in the sun without breaking a sweat.

15. Your favorite band

16. Free ice cream for your birthday

Don't judge me for celebrating my birthday every night this week.

17. The perfect shave

18. Having silent conversations with your best friend

19. The beach

Toes in the sand, sun on your face. There's nothing better.

20. Watching a baby learn something new

Walking, discovering their reflection, saying a new word, babies are so fun to watch.

21. Rainy days

And leaving the windows open all day.

22. Lazy mornings

It's 12 o'clock and I haven't even made it out of bed.

23. Surprises

It's a good feeling when a friend surprises you with your favorite candy/drink/etc.

24. A new hair cut

25. Flowers

26. Wearing your favorite outfit

Yes, I know I look cute. Thank you.

27. Pregnant bellies

You can't help but smile.

28. Taking off your shoes when you get home

29. 3 day weekends

30. S'mores

31. Falling asleep to the sound of thunder and rain

32. Road trips

33. Cookies fresh out of the oven

So I ate seven. What's it to you?

34. Driving with the windows down

35. Fires

There's something about sitting around a fire that bonds people.

36. Peanut butter and chocolate

The combination of heaven.

37. The stars

38. Breakfast food

Waffles. Any time of day.

39. Catching up on your favorite TV show

40. Finishing a book

41. Looking at old pictures

Remembering the good times and the bad hair cuts.

42. Candles

43. Naps

44. When your Amazon package finally arrives

45. New school supplies

There's nothing better than a brand new pack of pencils.

46. Sunlight coming through the trees at sunset

47. Hammocks

48. The first sip of your favorite drink

49. A new journal

50. Payday

For the next 24 hours, I am rich.

51. Popsicles

52. The mountains

53. Making a new friends

54. Long walks

55. Parks

Trees, grass, people watching, playing with random dogs.

56. Listening to your favorite song

It's been on repeat for the last week.

57. New shoes

I've heard they make you run faster.

58. Miniature anything

Mini horses, mini M&Ms, mini Christmas trees. They are all good.

59. Birthdays

One day just to celebrate the birth of someone you love.

60. The window seat

61. A new pack of bobby pins

Enjoy them while they last.

62. Coming home to your dog

At least someone loves me.

63. A really good hug

Some days, a hug from your best friend is all you need.

64. The smell of coffee

65. Summer nights

66. Freshly fallen snow

67. Barnes & Noble

68. Your favorite pair of jeans

69. When trees begin to blossom

Winter is over. Happiness can return.

70. Pasta

I couldn't be gluten free if I tried.

71. Marking items off of your to-do list

72. A clean kitchen

73. Inside jokes

74. Bubbles

You have to be happy when there are bubbles around.

75. Christmas lights