74 Things We Take For Granted
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74 Things We Take For Granted

Like life in general...

74 Things We Take For Granted

There are a lot of things in this life to be thankful for, and oftentimes we overlook them. This list couldn’t possibly cover all the things that we pass on a daily basis without ever thinking about them. Here are just some of the countless things I could find that I should be more grateful for.

  1. Sunny days.
  2. And sometimes rainy days.
  3. Free coffee.
  4. Sorority sisters.
  5. A mother’s advice.
  6. Free food.
  7. Having a paying job.
  8. Clean water.
  9. Washing and drying machines.
  10. Cable TV.
  11. Clearance racks.
  12. Black Friday.
  13. Transportation.
  14. Roommates.
  15. Places that deliver food.
  16. Grandparents.
  17. Well-tailored jeans.
  18. Good hygiene.
  19. When people tell you they’re proud of you.
  20. Well-groomed beards.
  21. Education.
  22. Air conditioning.
  23. Caribou perks.
  24. Good books.
  25. Reality TV.
  26. Hockey.
  27. Baseball pants.
  28. Coffee shops with short lines.
  29. Chocolate chip pancakes.
  30. Nights spent dancing.
  31. Good cheeseburgers.
  32. Weekends.
  33. Kisses.
  34. Social media.
  35. Lakes.
  36. GPS systems.
  37. Keurigs.
  38. Tan lines.
  39. The sunrise.
  40. The North Shore.
  41. Fresh warm bakery treats.
  42. Good dessert.
  43. Family time.
  44. Birthdays.
  45. Cards of any type.
  46. Student discounts.
  47. Complimentary chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants.
  48. Good filters.
  49. Quality leggings.
  50. Baseball hats.
  51. Dry shampoo.
  52. Online shopping.
  53. Pinterest ideas.
  54. Electricity.
  55. Healthy relationships.
  56. Good shoes.
  57. Heels that don’t hurt.
  58. Costco sample day.
  59. Jimmy John's.
  60. Good lipstick.
  61. Classes that don’t start at 8 a.m.
  62. The first snowfall of the year.
  63. Christmas lights.
  64. Being loved.
  65. Being able to love someone.
  66. Hugs.
  67. Happiness.
  68. Adventures.
  69. Favorite pictures.
  70. Puppy kisses.
  71. Siblings.
  72. Oversized sweatshirts.
  73. Lessons learned.
  74. Life in general.
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