10 Things To Remind Yourself To Be Thankful For
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10 Things To Remind Yourself To Be Thankful For

Life giving you lemons? You don't need to make lemonade, you already have some!

10 Things To Remind Yourself To Be Thankful For

We all have rough days, it's a part of life. It could be your friend, your brother, sister, your job, your dating life, your grades, or plenty of other things that are getting you down. People deal with these bumps in the road in all different ways; sometimes a good cry does the fix, or maybe a long walk to clear your thoughts, or in some cases it's reminding yourself of all the things you have to be thankful for. Everyone has at least one reason to keep their chin up, it's just not always in the front of our minds. So if you need a little pick me up, here's the reminder you may not have been looking for, but needed.

1. Your health.

We wouldn't be able to do much, let alone get out of bed in the morning, if we weren't blessed with our health. You never realize how lucky you are to have it until it's gone. When you've had the flu, or a sore throat, or a sprained ankle, you've probably been reminded, both of how much better your day is when you're healthy, and that you're lucky to have the ability to get better. Take a deep breath, stretch out, flex, and look at your beautiful, capable body. That's something that some people can't do, be thankful!

2. Your family.

Every family is different; different amounts of siblings, of parents, different values, homes, and home lives. No family is perfect, but there's always something good to be found in them. There's love, support, sacrifice, laughter, a helping hand, and much more. They made your birthdays special, helped you learn to ride a bike, taught you how to cook, or whatever it may be, your family raised you into who you are today and provided you with what you needed to get there. Be thankful that your birth lottery placed you where you are.

3. Your friends.

Your friends are the family you got to choose. They're there for you when your life's a mess, but also when things are just right. You've probably made a lot of memories with them, laughed till you cried, just plain cried, gotten into trouble (the good and bad kind), and had more fun than you could have ever imagined. Maybe they've even pushed you out of your comfort zones and made you try new things. Be grateful for these people that have helped shape you while creating some of your happiest moments.

4. Your education.

So many people go without the gift of an education. I have been extremely blessed with the opportunity to have gone to school my whole life and continue into college. No matter your age, your GPA, and if it's public, private, or online, an education is something to be proud of. Pat yourself on the back for what you've achieved academically and be thankful for what you've learned. And keep going, there's never an end to what one can discover!

5. Your faith, spirituality, religion, or whatever this means to you.

Many people draw their values and the way they dictate their actions from their faith base. Religion has offered the world so much good; communities, charities, wisdom, hope, history, and more. No matter which denomination you are from, there are truths that overlap between them and things that we can all find a common ground with. Be thankful for whatever has driven you to be a better person and given you a higher purpose.

6. Anyone that has made your day better in some way.

We overlook so many things that people do behind the scenes that make our days a lot easier. It can be the person that gives you your food at the drive-through window, to the janitor that replaces the toilet paper when everyone's gone for the day, or the person that gives you a smile when they pass by. These little things here and there and often overlooked and underappreciated. Be thankful for those that put in the time to help your day go smoother.

7. Your job.

If you have a job, be thankful for it! That in itself is something that some people have to get by without. Even if you don't like it, you're a lucky duck to be making money and having a time to show up. And if you do like it, you're even luckier. I am so fortunate to work at a place with such wonderful people that I look forward to going to work every week. Whatever you're doing, you're making a difference to someone. Be thankful you're employed!

8. Your mistakes.

Your mistakes may be something you regret, but don't. You were trying to achieve something and failed. Mistakes show you're trying, and now, you're one step closer to success. They've helped you learn what not to do, and therefore made you better. It's never too late to say sorry or to try again to resolve these mistakes, but just think of how better equipped you are now! Be thankful for each time you've fallen and gotten back up!

9. Nature.

Go for a hike, maybe even to the top of a mountain. Lay outside and look at the stars. Sit by the lake and take in the sunshine. Take an exotic trip. The world is so freakin' amazing! It's only a question of whether or not you want to step outside and embrace it. We need to take it all in while we can. Sit outside and watch the sunset and be thankful that we live in such a beautiful place.

10. Other cultures.

Other cultures offer us more than we think. Foods, traditions, a new way of thinking, there's so much to learn from people all over the world. Step outside the box and try a new food that's traditional in another culture. Take it even farther and go to the country of that culture to see how they live. A fresh, new look at the world could be just what the doctor ordered. Be thankful for how many opportunities there are to experience new things!

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