Finding the time, money, and motivation to workout and eat healthy can be hard to do in this crazy world. Often, we get so stressed about not having enough time to do what we think we need to, that we overlook the little things that we can easily change and improve!

Here are a few simple things you can do in your day to day life to help get you on track and feel good:

1. Be prepared

It’s easy to find reasons to not to work out. So why not eliminate one and dress in your workout gear the second you wake up. They will keep you motivated to work out all day and they are super comfy. Also, it's fall! Leggings are in, duh. Make yoga pants great again!

Boys, I know it isn’t as easy to pull off workout gear 24/7. Try laying out your gym clothes or packing them before you go to bed to save you time in the morning. You don't get to use the excuse of not having the proper clothing with you! No excuses. This is a time saver!

2. Kickstart Your Morning

I try and start every morning with warm water, some lemon juice, and cayenne pepper before eating breakfast. Lemons and cayenne pepper work together to give your body and immune system a natural boost in the morning, AND both are pretty cheap! Lemons are packed with antioxidants and cayenne pepper raises the bod’s temperature while getting your metabolism going. Individually, the two are great for digestion, so when combined they rock. See more about the benefits of lemon juice and cayenne pepper here!

I personally substitute my morning coffee for this drink – the spice wakes me up! Try adding honey, cinnamon, or turmeric to crank the flavor up.

3. De-Motorize Transportation

If you live close enough to work or school, use what your momma gave ya and walk or bike on over to where you need to be! Swap out that car or motorcycle for something that will burn some calories instead of gas. I prefer walking when I have time – that way I keep moving even when going down hill. However, if you are on a time crunch, biking is a great way to go.

You can also try skateboarding or rollerblading. Who knows – get creative and get moving! To keep your pace up on your commute, listen to some…

4. Music!

Before you leave your house, don’t forget your headphones! These are SO IMPORTANT. The more I listen to music, the more I groove throughout my day. Music is a great motivator, so on your commutes try listening to some sick beats dude. You just might end up dancing on your way, who knows!

Plus, if you happen to decide to workout, which I am sure you will, your headphones will already be with you! STUDENTS – if you are using Spotify Premium, be sure you are signed up for the Student Rate. It's a great deal, I promise.

5. Buy A Fun Water Bottle

Water is key. This is common knowledge, right? There are so many reasons to drink water – it can decrease calorie intake, help strengthen your muscles, aid digestion, ect. However, sometimes we forget to drink this majestical liquid. A great way to keep yourself aware and reminded to drink water is by investing in a fun water bottle that you want to have with you at all times. I like switching between a huge red water bottle and a tiny pink water bottle. They are so much fun to drink out of, and when I have them with me I always stay hydrated!

6. Strut Like You Mean It

When you want to catch up with a friend to grab a cup o’ joe, go on a walk and talk instead! I love catching up with friends on walks. It’s a pleasurable chance to put your phone away and enjoy being outside! It is also easy to motivate each other to pick up the pace, especially if you’re going for a power walk.

If you have a lot of homework to do, take a walk with your flashcards! I get a lot of my memorization done during my walks – they are free of distractions and the movement helps solidify the info in my brain. It is an excellent opportunity to make the relationship between exercise and your smarts stronger. It's a proven fact and if you want to know more, check out this article by The Times.

7. Ginger!

As a ginger who loves ginger, I am a huge advocate of the root. However, I know that it is powerful in taste and doesn’t appeal to everyone. I encourage everyone that can tolerate it to add some flavor flav to their day with some ginger! Ginger is amazing for digestion, reducing muscle soreness, acting as an anti-inflammatory, and more. You can buy ground ginger, ginger root and cut it up, or there is candied ginger that makes for a great dessert. I have found that ground ginger is the most efficient to have in the kitchen; it isn’t expensive, and it lasts me a while. You can add ground ginger or ginger root to dishes or to your late night un-caffeinated tea. Peppermint tea is also great for digestion, so combined with ginger and some honey it tastes amazing!

So there you go! Some easy things you can add to improve your day. Take what you may to stay healthy, happy, and fabulous.