The Last 7 Days Of The Countdown
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The Last 7 Days Of The Countdown

The Clemson Tigers have THE BEST fan base in the world, and we're #ALLIN to cheer the Tigers on to Victory!

The Last 7 Days Of The Countdown

7 days left until the 2018 Sugar Bowl!

The Clemson Tigers will take on the Alabama Crimson Tide for their 3rd time in a row in a Bowl Game.

While the Tiger Fans are enjoying their Holidays, they are also getting hyped up for this major SemiFinal Playoff Game! I know the players must be chomping at the bit to #TideRolled!

They're probably feeling a little restless too, between the end of the semester, final exams, some graduating, the Holidays, and the break in semester to gear up for the Spring 2018 on campus.

It's a pretty hectic time for us college students, surely it's even more so for the Clemson Tiger Football Team!

While we all patiently await January 1st, and the 8:45 p.m. kickoff, let's take a peak at the last 7 BIG WINS the Clemson Tigers have achieved...

2014 Russell Athletic Bowl

Russell Athletic Bowl featuring Big12 vs ACC, with the Sooners of Oklahoma facing off against the Tigers of Clemson.

2015 ACC Champions

Clemson vs. North Carolina: #1 Clemson outlasted #10 North Carolina 45-37 in the ACC Championship game. Deshaun Watson was named MVP of the game after setting an ACC Football Championship Game record with 420 total yards and 5 touchdowns in the game. (ACC Digital Network)

2015 Orange Bowl

Clemson ran away in the second half against Oklahoma to win the 2015 Orange Bowl and advance[d to] the College Football Playoff. (FanSided)

2016 ACC Champions

Clemson vs. Virginia Tech: The #3 Tigers successfully defended their ACC Championship, and virtually locked up a spot in the College Football Playoff by outlasting the #23 Hokies, 42-35. Deshaun Watson was sensational with 373 total yards and 5 touchdowns. Cordrea Tankersley had two interceptions to pace the defense including the game sealing pick late in the 4th quarter. (ACC Digital Network)

2016 Fiesta Bowl

The No. 2 Clemson Tigers obliterated the No. 3 Ohio State Buckeyes 31-0 in the 2016 Fiesta Bowl and earned a spot in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. (BleacherReport)

2017 Palmetto Bowl

Clemson vs. South Carolina: Tigers QB Kelly Bryant hooked up with WR Hunter Renfrow on two TD passes in Saturday's dominant 34-10 win over #24 South Carolina.

The victory marks Dabo Swinney's 100th career win as a head coach. (ACC Digital Network)

2017 ACC Champions

Miami vs. Clemson: Tigers quarterback Kelly Bryant completed his first 15 passes, racking up 252 passing yards as the defending national champions beat the No. 7 Hurricanes 38-3 to win their third-straight ACC Championship. The Tigers defense held Miami to just 214 total yards and forced 3 turnovers in a dominating performance. (ACC Digital Network)

The Next Big Game for the Clemson Tigers!

2018 Sugar Bowl

GO TIGERS!! #ALLIN #WETOODEEP #ThisIsWhyWeWork #TripleCrown #TideRolled

Who was lucky enough to get picked in the ticket lottery?

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