7 Activities To Keep You Going in Beaver County, Pennsylvania This Summer
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7 Activities To Keep You Going in Beaver County, Pennsylvania This Summer

For those of us who have already become bored of Beaver County

7 Activities To Keep You Going in Beaver County, Pennsylvania This Summer
Beaver County

Beaver County is located on the western side of Pennsylvania. It is a short amount away from Pittsburgh, PA. It shares borders with Ohio; and Lawrence, Butler, Allegheny, and Washington Counties. Maybe some of you have a desire to visit Beaver County, but chances are, if you’re reading this article you’re from Beaver County, so here’s some ideas of what to do this summer when you’re losing your mind from not knowing what to do anymore.

1. Food

I’m very biased, but I would say two of the best places to get grub in Beaver County is the Hot Dog Shoppe, which has various locations, Jerry’s Curbside in Bridgewater, and D&G Pizza, the original is in Beaver Falls, but there is also one in Center. These two restaurants are Beaver County staples and are must-haves while you’re here for the summer or just here to stay. When you get tired of pizza and hot dogs, there’s also Oram’s Donuts which will satisfy your gigantic sweet tooth with cinnamon rolls bigger than your head. They are comfort food to us natives and if you’re like me, you have to get your fix in the summer.

2. Ice Cream

If you’re like me, you consider ice cream not a food, but a necessity, and Beaver County has some fantastic places to get it. My two personal favorites are Hank’s Forzen Custard in New Brighton and J&T’s Custard Stand in North Sewickly. The prices are cheap and the weather is hot so get out there and have some, you deserve it, multiple times a week.

3. Parks on Parks on Parks

Beaver County has many nature parks/trails around, and they are all beautiful. If you’re board, go check out the many trails at Brady’s Run, Brush Creek, or Raccoon. They all have many nooks and crannies to discover, so get out there and take in the sights! I promise, it’ll be worth it.

4. Happy Days Car Cruise

Every year, the main street in Downtown Beaver Falls hosts the Happy Days Car Cruise on the second Saturday in June. It is great to come and walk around. Here you can see many classic automobiles and step into the past. Come to get your gear head from 1PM-9PM fix and find out which one you’d like to drive some day.

5. Darlington Days

The first weekend of every June, the small town of Darlington hosts Darlington Days. Come and watch the polo game, dance the night away at the fire hall, shop all day, watch the tractor pulls, see the fireworks, eat dinner at the annual First UP Church Spaghetti Dinner, and have a great small town weekend.

6. Beaver County River Regatta

The 42nd river regatta is being held August 19-21 this year. It is all along the river in Bridgewater. Go and get your fix of carnival style foods, watch the boat races/shows/parades. See the fireworks and listen to an array of live entertainment. It’s always a great end of the summer event!

7. Hookstown and Big Knob Fair

The Big Knob (August 30-September 3) fair takes place in New Sewickly while Hookstown Fair (August 23-27) is in Hookstown. These two fairs have been around forever and many people love going to them. Come for some great rides, games, food, entertainment, and of course animals. Support your local fairs! They are just as good as the big ones!

Beaver County can get boring during the summer months, but with this checklist, you may always be able to find something great to do! Don’t be afraid to get out there and explore Beaver County this summer.

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