The ABC's of the Lehigh Valley
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The ABC's of the Lehigh Valley

A low area of land between hills or mountains.

The ABC's of the Lehigh Valley

A- Allentown by Billy Joel

How could we be famous without the help of Billy Joel. I encourage you to talk to anyone not from the Lehigh Valley and say you're from Allentown and almost every person will bring up the song. While Bethlehem Steel is what influenced this famous song and isn't about Allentown at all, Joel has said he thought "Allentown" sounded better and was easier to rhyme. Thanks Billy Joel for making my hometown famous!

Billy Joel - Allentown (Official Video)

B- Buckeye Tavern

Since 1735, this delicious and haunted tavern hasn't been only serving the locals but, some ghosts as well. Take a look closely at their pictures and you just might be able to see a figure staring through the window.

C-Coca-Cola Park

Home of the Ironpigs, where watching bacon, ham and hot dog chase each other around the bases seems way more entertaining than the actual baseball game.

D- Dorney Park

The 8th grade hangout place where parents dropped off their kids for the day only for us to walk around the park and never even go on the rides. Season passes were for socializing and eating expensive amusement park food back then. Be sure to plan a visit for all you thrill seekers.

E-Egypt Star Bakery

An iconic Lehigh Valley bakery which traces its origins back to the 1930s. A delicious spot to satisfy your sweet tooth. Known for kiffles, challah bread, and Moravian buns, don't know what any of those are? Guess you just found yourself an excuse to try it, you won't be disappointed.

F-Freddy Awards

This live broadcast is iconic to our Lehigh Valley roots and designed to recognize and reward exceptional accomplishments in the production and performance of musical theatre in local high schools. *FUN FACT ALERT* The Freddy's are the only high school musical awards program in the nation that produces a live television show.


Grim's Orchard is home to all the selfies in the sunflower garden. Don't believe me? Check out Instagram. Grim's is known for their fall festival filled with pumpkins, hay rides, and corn mazes. No matter the season there's always something to do down at Grim's. From picking strawberries to trying our locally produced beers this is the place to visit.

H-Haines Mill

Were you even a Lehigh Valley middle schooler if you didn't visit here for a school field trip? A thirty minute tour into the life of turning wheat into flour.

I-Ice Cream World

The name says it for itself, over 100 different flavors of homemade ice cream. Grab your ice cream and sit outside to hear the screams that come from Dorney Park because yes, they are right across the street from each other.


We hit big with all the famous stars from our home town from The Rock to Amanda Seyfried, Saquon Barkley and Andre Reed the list goes on and on and on and on…


Well there's not much to say about The Knob except that this used to be the hangout spot for high schoolers to get away from the stresses of school and take the short hike to the top to see the magnificent views of farmland.

L-Lehigh Valley Zoo

This tiny zoo might have more goats than any other animal but, holds a special place in the Lehigh Valley's hearts. Home to many school field trips and family outings the memories made at this zoo are unforgettable. Like the time they opened a picnic umbrella and bats flew out, how could you ever forget.


The week of all weeks here in the Lehigh Valley, the place you go as a high schooler to walk around and meet strangers but, only gets better when you turn 21 since there's a beer stand on every corner. Fill up your tubs and drink the night away while dancing to polka music.


After 11pm the Lehigh Valley becomes a party. Tally Ho is home to all the college students favorite places for cheap drinks and dancing but, if you're looking for something a little more laid back head over to the Leather Corner Post where they are known for their Boom-ba.


...With our high school rivals. You aren't a member of the Lehigh Valley if you aren't obsessed with your high school rivals even after high school, for some reason we really love rivalries. From Twitter pages, to slogans every sporting event, chess tournament and theatre production is a competition. May the best high school win.

P-PJ Whelihan's

Who doesn't love wing night?! Stop by our famous PJ's for their famous wings, beer and a good time. PJ's is the perfect place for pre-games and after parties where the party doesn't stop after the big sports win. A comfortable environment for good food and great people.

Q-Quick! Get off of 22!

Basically the motto of the Lehigh Valley, never get stuck on route 22 or you could be there for hours. The Lehigh Valley folk know their way around to avoid at all costs the nightmares of 22 but, if you're one of the unlucky ones who gets stuck on the forsaken path of this highway well... good luck.

R-Rose Gardens

Wedding photos, prom pics, and the naked man statue. Honestly, you truly have to see it for yourself.

S-Shankweiler's Drive In Theatre

Wilson Shankweiler opens Pennsylvania's 1st Drive-in, which is only the 2nd Drive-in to open in America, in 1934. Pretty cool huh?

T-The Allentown Fairgrounds

Concerts, animals, farmers market and pig races? The summer event you don't want to miss. *FUN FACT ALERT*: There have been over 167 fairs dating back to 1852. 1862 marked the first year without the fair due to the Civil War.

U-UHHH…visiting somewhere else

It's one of those things where you live here for so long, everything gets boring. Visit all the history our valley has to offer and keep moving along.


The Velodrome proudly represents the Bicycle Racing Capital of the World and home to cycling in the Lehigh Valley. Our Velodrome is world famous and this 1,093 foot track is known for hosting some of the best by cyclists worldwide.


So, Wegmans is basically the most classy grocery store you will ever shop upon. From foods around the world, to their very own restaurant, yes a restaurant in a grocery store, Wegmans is the place to shop. And us Lehigh Valley-ers know that every trip to Wegmans is a trip to seeing someone you know.

X-eXtra long street names

We don't really have any historic "X" places in our stomping ground but, for some reason have the longest street names and the nearly impossible names to pronounce. Quick history lesson: the names of our streets come from family names along with Native American tribes that settled right here in our community. A little piece of history is part of every corner of the Lehigh Valley, so next time you pass through check out our street signs, you might just find something fascinating.


"A Lehigh Valley Tradition since 1922!" So what's a Yocco's anyway? Basically it's the best hot dog you will ever eat but, shhh... the magic comes from their secret recipe.

So we finally made it to letter Z, our last stop at what makes the Lehigh Valley so special.


75 years of cheesesteaks and burgers. This 72 seat establishment has only changed it's menu and only to add more food, that's right after 75 years the comfort food institution still has bubblegum pink walls and concrete brown exterior.

There you have it, the Lehigh Valley summed up in 26 letters. To all our history lovers, we have the perfect landmarks for you, to our foodaholics there's always something tasty to eat, and life of the parties we have the nightlife, each a little something for all of you, but only if you can make it out of route 22.

To all the Lehigh Valley natives, I sincerely hope that some memories flashed back through your minds and hints of smiles crossed your face after reminiscing about some of the landmarks that make home, well home. And for all of you who have never heard of the Lehigh Valley, I hope you stop by sometime, because after all the traffic you will hit on 22 you might just need to stop by to try our famous hotdogs at Yocco's.

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