54 Signs You Were The Ultimate Yerd In High School
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54 Signs You Were The Ultimate Yerd In High School

Oh you forgot to buy a yearbook? Tell me about all the memories you'll forget.

54 Signs You Were The Ultimate Yerd In High School
Jessica Drexel

Yerd is the combination of the two words yearbook and nerd. It’s more than just a nick name, it’s a lifestyle. Here’s 54 signs that you were the ultimate yerd at your high school:

1. Your vocabulary included “picas, gutter and white space”.

2. During your first deadline you had no idea what was going on.

3. Whatever happened in the yearbook room stayed in the yearbook room.

4. You encouraged everyone to dress up for spirit days.

5. The computer screen’s light was so blinding that sometimes you wouldn’t be able to see during your next class.

6. You had huge plans to decorate your computer space super cute, but the reality of deadline kicked in and it never happened.

7. You regularly traveled to far away high schools to take pictures for the sports pages.

8. You could never find a photographer to take wrestling pictures.

9. Cut outs always seemed so easy until you learned how to do them.

10. There wasn’t one silent class period.

11. Your advisor occasionally yelled at you for playing Pandora radio too loud.

12. Picking a theme was one of the most important decisions you have ever made.

13. Deadlines. That is all.

14. You attended Yearbook Summer Camp, it was YERD nation.

15. Herf Jones was basically your bible and your yearbook rep was a saint!

16. You own more than one yearbook shirt.

17. You cried just as many times in the yearbook room as you laughed.

18. Deadlines always brought out the worst in you.

19. Senior skip day was not even an option, you were on deadline!

20. Becoming close friends with the staff was top priority.

21. You would get headaches from the amount of hours you spent staring at the computer screen.

22. When you were sick, your parents practically had to beg you to say home, but you never did, yearbook never takes a sick day.

23. Whenever proofs were delivered, you wanted to cry.

24. Deadline parties were your only day off.

25. You always zoomed in on people’s faces in their intense sports photos.

26. You may or may not have sent those zoomed in pictures to other editors on staff, for a good laugh.

27. You were basically gossip girl, the amount of drama that you learned from the staff was very insightful.

28. You often times thought to yourself what the “Hell did I get myself into?”

29. Your advisor was like your mom and saying goodbye on the last day of class made you cry like a toddler.

30. Your Editor-In-Chief became your personal therapist. They were always reassuring you that you would be fine for deadline, even if it was a lie.

31. You felt like you knew every student, teacher and custodian in the whole school, but in reality you only knew people’s faces from naming them in pictures.

32. You constantly yelled, “I need a quote!”

33. You had a whole Pinterest board dedicated to yearbook! And you pinned an endless amount of yearbook memes.

34. You memorized every yearbook theme from your school’s past yearbooks, even the yearbook from 1971.

35. Your friends never understood your obsession with sans and sans serif.

36. You spent several weeks deciding on a title package.

37. You were so excited to show all of the staff the cover.

38. Whoever designed graphics probably got really annoyed with you.

39. You felt real pain when you found the perfect picture for a page, but the person wasn’t facing the gutter.

40. The struggle of finding a dominant sports picture that wasn’t blurry.

41. You spendt hours making sure that your picture package looked modern and fit the theme.

42. Magazine layouts covered the walls of your back editor's room.

43. You learned to break out a spread in less than a 50 minute class period.

44. In the yearbook room, you enjoyed your lunch, breakfast and all the snacks in-between.

45. Often times you felt like you had no life.

46. Even during holidays you were thinking of ideas for mods.

47. You had to bribe photographers with food to get them to take pictures for you at after school events.

48. There was an ant problem in the room, due to the amount of crumbs that covered the floor.

49. When your Editor- In- Chief read you their letter from the editor, you cried again.

50. You had a group chat with all the editors, but rarely actually discussed yearbook.

51. Passing out the yearbook to your fellow classmates on distribution day was one of your proudest moments of high school and was another one of those moments when you cried.

52. You looked forward to distribution day the entire year.

53. Even though your yerd days are long gone, you still take out your yearbook once a week to admire .

54. Your yearbook staff and editors became your family.

To many readers, the yearbook was just like any book, but for us yerds, the yearbook was so much more. It was a combination of our blood, sweat and tears. It was our gift to our school, our teachers and our friends. It was our memories of the school year, compiled into one perfectly designed place.To all my fellow yerds, stay yerdy.

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