43 Reasons Why Atlanta Has It All
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43 Reasons Why Atlanta Has It All

We're not just called Hotlanta because of the summer humidity …

43 Reasons Why Atlanta Has It All

We love our city, and we love to brag about it, too.

1. It's the city of hip hop.

If you haven't heard of Ludacris, Usher, Kelly Rowland, Roscoe Dash, Gucci Mane, Ciara, Outkast, B.o.B. and/or T.I., have you been hiding under a rock since the late '90s?

2. We breed famous people.

Yes, we do tend to breed Hollywood stars. It's kind of a talent. Native Atlantans include Ryan Seacrest, Chloë Grace Moretz, Kyle Massey, Raven Symone, Jeff Foxworthy, Lil Jon, Kenan Thompson, Ed Helms, Ty Pennington, Julia Roberts, Paula Deen, and Luke Bryan … just to name a few.

3. Southern cooking.

Where you can go out to eat and have the same experience as your grandmother's home cooking. Mary Mac's Tea Room and The Busy Bee Cafe are my personal favorites. However, Sunday afternoon when church lets out, you might want to rethink eating out; the crowds will fill up any southern cooking place because after you get your worship on here in the South, you need an afternoon full of mashed potatoes, corn bread and fried chicken to receive the full experience of God's love and grace.

4. Southern charm.

Southern hospitality is real and so is chivalry. So if some of you male Yankees come down south and decide not to open a car door for a lady, you might as well pack your bag and head back on up I-75, because you won't be getting any more second dates.

5. Southern slang.

Where darlin', honey and son are still used as identifying terms. "Son, you kiss your mama with that mouth?" "Honey, y'all meet us at Zaxby's after cheerleadins' out." "Now that dress is darlin'!"

6. Lake Lanier.

If you drive an hour northeast of Atlanta, you'll find yourself at Lake Lanier, one of the largest man-made lakes in the south. There's a massive collection of parks and even a large water park that many families spend their summers at. Also, the 1996 Olympics hosted their rowing, canoeing and kayaking events here.

7. Hollywood of the South.

You can't be in Atlanta without running into some sort of TV or movie set here or even recognizing some scenery from a movie or show. Our most famous show of the moment, "The Walking Dead," is based in the city and outskirts of Atlanta. You can walk on Georgia State University's campus in downtown Atlanta and recognize the many scenes that are set in the same place you walk to class every day, but also where zombies roam before Daryl sends an arrow through their skulls, which is kind of cool.

Other shows that are filmed in the Atlanta area are The CW's "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals," OWN's "Love Thy Neighbor" (produced and directed by Tyler Perry), the reality show "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," the first and second season of MTV's "Teen Wolf," MTV's "Finding Carter," the reality show "Chrisley Knows Best," rhw game show "Family Feud," and many, many others. Now, let's get onto movies! "Captain America: Civil War," "Allegiant: Part 1," "Barber Shop 3," "The 5th Wave" and "Magic Mike XXL" have all been filming in 2015 around the Atlanta area.

8. Our skyline.

It's the most beautiful city.

9. Football.

We don't mess with our love of football. We take it really seriously. Basically, we love God, sweet tea and the SEC. When football season comes around, it's also tailgating and coozie season. Our fall weekends consist of watching two or three games minimum.

10. Tech and UGA.

Also known as, Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate. The rivalry between the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and Georgia Bulldawgs is everything but clean usually. Last fall in 2014, after Tech defeated Georgia they decided to clip the famous hedges at UGA's Sanford Stadium, creating even more unhappy Georgia fans.

11. Basketball.

We love our Atlanta Hawks! They had their best season this year and our city loves to root for them to continue their path to success!

12. Piedmont Park.

There's no other park in Atlanta like Piedmont Park. There's a pond where you can fish (with a valid license), a swimming pool, dog parks, basketball and tennis courts, soccer fields, volleyball courts, a fresh food market, paths to run and green space to relax on your days off. Basically if you want to be outside, you have found the perfect place in Atlanta.

13. Little Five Points.

In the east side of ATL, Little Five Points is where all the "hipster" artsy places to eat, drink and be at are located. You've got The Clothing Warehouse, a retail store that sells vintage clothing; there's Abbadabba's, if you're looking for some funky or popular shoe game; Variety Playhouse for incredible live performances of really awesome musicians and artists; and my absolute favorite in Little Five is the Vortex Bar & Grill. You have to be 18+ to gain entry to the restaurant mostly for the exclusion of children and partly because of the racy decor covering the walls.

14. Gone With The Wind.

As the official home of Scarlett O'Hara and the "Gone With The Wind" novel by Atlanta native, Margaret Mitchell, you can book tours to embark on all your southern belle fantasies here.

15. Coca Cola.

Basically, you're welcome.

16. Chik-fil-A.

You're also welcome for this.

17. The Varsity.

"What'll ya have? What'll ya have? What'll ya have?" My personal favorite is their frosted orange shake, naked dog and fries, along with my paper hat of course. Also, if you're from the South, you shouldn't be afraid of a little bit of grease and a whole lot of heartburn.

18. Netherworld.

Our famous haunted house that opens Halloween season and scares the living daylights out of most people, but strangely we go back every year. Also, it was the set of the well known movie "Zombieland," released back in 2009.

19. Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.

Busiest airport in the world, and our traffic proves it.

20. Chattahoochee River.

Because every summer it's perfect to go tubing and kayaking on the river for a fun family day.

21. Tyler Perry .

I know you've seen every "Madea" movie ever made. We all love that woman, err man.

22. Atlanta Falcons.

"Falcons! Falcons Rise UP!" We love those dirty birds, and we won't let you forget it. We're even giving them a new stadium that looks like a bird's nest. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we really love our football. Also, we're kind of obsessed that Samuel L. Jackson is our hype man.

23. Stone Mountain.

The laser shows are always tradition when summer comes around, and you can picnic on the lawn in front of the huge rock.

24. Hotlanta.

"Where the playas play!" Well, circa 2001, when Luda was in his prime.

25. DragonCon.

Most of us like to go and take pictures with the people dressed up. A lot of people plan their costumes for that whole year since the last DragonCon. Got to give them props for spending all that time and money in their costumes.

26. Appalachian Trail.

You can access the southern beginning of the trail here and hike the 79 miles before leaving the state into North Carolina.

27. Constant Music Festivals.

Warped Tour, TommorowWorld, Music Midtown, Shaky Knees/Boots and many other music festivals call Atlanta home.

28. CDC.

The Centers for Disease Control is located in north Atlanta.

29. Pride.

We support our LGBTQIA community with our annual Pride festival!

30. Weather.

Our weather tends to be on the hot and humid side by the time late April comes and doesn't give up until late September rolls around. We see snow in North Georgia, sometimes in Atlanta, but when we do, it's kind of crazy. We are still feeling the shaky effects of our snowstorm in 2014.

31. Centennial Olympic Park.

Across the street from our tourist attractions like the Coca-Cola Museum, The Georgia Aquarium—the world's second largest aquarium, The Philips Arena and the CNN center, you can find Centennial Park, where we showcase our American pride with the fountain of rings.

32. MARTA.

We all have a love/hate relationship with MARTA. Our public transit buses and trains are essential to our city, and we've all used them, whether to bypass, to easily get to the airport or to go from one side of the city to the other.

33. CNN.

Where you can watch global news broadcasting happen right in front of your eyes and see the headquarters of a massive leader in worldwide news.

34. Six Flags .

Every year we make it Six Flags, and we get those awful tan lines, but no one cares because you're at Six Flags … More flags, more fun baby.

35. Zoo.

Those pandas make you swoon every time!

36. Road Atlanta and Atlanta Motor Speedway.

NASCAR lovers do still exist!

37. Buckhead.

Where the rich and famous like to wander about. Also, Buckhead is great for fine dining and shopping.

38. MLK Jr.

We know every piece of history surrounding Martin Luther King Jr., and we're proud of it. We love that man, and we love the things he did to improve our city.

39. Civil War Memorials.

YES, we are still bitter Sherman burnt down our beautiful city. Don't bring it up.

40. Blue Ridge Mountains.

The North Georgia mountains are beautiful in every season.

41. Peach Drop.

Similar to the ball drop in NYC for New Year's, we drop a huge peach to ring in the new year. We have musical guests, like Ludacris in 2015, to dance our way into the new year. What else would you expect from hip hop and peach-loving citizens?

42. Songs Dedicated to Georgia.

We all know the classic "Georgia (On My Mind)" by Ray Charles, and if you live in GA and don't know the tune, we'll kindly ask you to leave.

43. Peachtree.

Seventy-one streets with the variations of this word. Examples: Peachtree Avenue, Peachtree Lane, Peachtree Circle, North Peachtree Road, Peachtree Dunwoody Road, New Peachtree Road. We kind of like peaches. We even have a Peachtree City south of Atlanta.

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